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Secret Past: A Sierra Leonean movie set to premier in the USA

Secret Past: A Sierra Leonean movie set to premier in the USA

Mohamed Bah, a Sierra Leonean by birth with over ten movies to his credit, six of which were major hits around the World is delighted to take the lead in the United States as a force to be reckoned with. All of which were done alongside some of Nollywood’s biggest stars -Van Vicker, Pascal Atuma, Ramsy Noah to name a few.  In the business of acting and movie production, Sierra Leone has always taken a backseat to their West African neighbors. And, for far too long, Nigerian and Ghanaian movies have dominated the four-walls of most African homes in the U.S. thereby fiercely competing on level terms with most soap operas and other daytime movies. With the debut of Secret Past, there is bound to be a turn around. It is about time that Sierra Leoneans begin to compete for a slice in the movie pie.

To name a few of Mohamed Bah’s familiar hit movies include “THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE” (starring Nigerian super star Ramsy Noah) in which he played the role of the F.B.I. agent who was trying to track down an illegal money wired transfer to Africa. “THE BET” (starring Ghanaian superstar Van Vicker ) where Mohamed played the role of the husband who cheated on his wife and was later busted. In “THE GOVERNORS GIFT” (starring Jim Ike and Tonto Dike and Pascal Atuma) he acted as the doctor.  In the “CAGE” (staring Desmond Elliot) he played the rich business man who tried to buy love with gift of Bentley car. In “THIS IS HOUSTON” (starring Ini Ido ) he acted as the body guard for the family. In “ROYAL DILEMNA”, His role was the head of security to the boss. “THE LAND” (starring Van Vicker) His role was as one of the demons who rose up to fight but was destroyed at the end of the movie.

In other movies like “PASTORS WIFE”, “HEAVEN WILL BE ULL OF SURPRISES”, “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” and FAMILY MATTERS he played minor roles in them.

NOW is the time to show case Sierra Leonean talents in their latest movie SECRET PAST.

SECRET PAST will be premiering in Houston and Dallas, Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Ohio, Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland soon. Other arrangements are on the pipeline to add Phoenix, Arizona, Boston, and Philadelphia to the all impressive list of cities. International premier in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and The Gambia are all set for next year.

Nollywood is the third fastest growing film industry behind Hollywood and Bollywood and Sierra Leoneans cannot afford not to be part of such a success.

Get ready because Secret Past is a “Must see” movie.

Christian F. Sesay Jr. Texas Correspondent

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  • keep it up sierra leone

    15th September 2012
  • Loool But this is not a SIERRA LEONE Movie.. its got nigerian actors and actresses in it. Perfect Plan I attend di Premier dat is a Sierra Leone movie..full cast. So una say dis na Niaja Salone movie. Well done but all tin niaja de mix insi. make salone do dae ting for salone for once.

    4th July 2012
  • Good Job Mohamed,, way to go.. I can not wait to watch this movie.. well done am proud of you.

    24th October 2011
  • Wow!!! Can’t wait!!! As one of the Executive Producers/Producer of Secret Past and A Nigerian Nollywood/Hollywood Actor and Filmmaker, I’m glad to have been a part of this history making production. Thank you all for your comments and support…

    23rd October 2011
  • Good job bro.Mohamed Bah,sister Mumuna Dumbuya and Rosaline.Am happy to know that you guys are Sierra Leonean.We hope to see more movies in the near future!!!

    22nd October 2011
  • Am an American but i have never been interested in African movies.I cant wait to watch this movie after i have read and see the pictures.Am happy to see this movie from Mohamed!!!

    21st October 2011
  • I am very honored to be apart of this production. It was a blast making this movie( daughter of mohamed and rosaline in secret past). I promise you all watching this movie will not be a waste of time. So watch out Sierra Leone is doing big things!

    21st October 2011
  • Good joob mahn

    21st October 2011
  • good job

    21st October 2011
  • Wow!!!!!! this would be the best movie produced by a Sierra Leoneans. We need to support very execellent cause like this. I am not a movie person but I am really impressed by his work. Kudos Mr Bah.

    21st October 2011
  • We love u Mohamed and we are proud of you.God Bless Sierra Leone!!

    21st October 2011
  • Nice work Mr bah we love your work fans from canada keep it up

    20th October 2011
  • go mohamed bah make us proud

    20th October 2011
  • Mohamed Bah has made Sierra Leonean to be proud in the movie world.He has taking parts in a lot of movies with different popular actors.We are proud of you Mohamed.I ask all Sierra Leoneans to give him the support and courage so our dear country will be on top of world for movies.

    20th October 2011

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