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Youyi Building in flames!

Youyi Building in flames!

Freetown – The Youyi Building in Freetown, which is host to many ministerial departments of  Sierra Leone government,  is alight with flames.   According to our reporter, it is not known so far what caused the roaring fire and investigations are ongoing.

There is speculation that it is the Ministry of Land and Country Planning that is in on fire, however, this is to be confirmed as this is a large building that houses many offices.

We will bring more information as it becomes available.

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  • The most unfortunate aspect of fires in public buildings is the limited ability of the Fire Authorities to investigate the causes of the fires. I would have felt that the training acquired by the senior fire officers should be adequate to establish the causes of fires (although the necessary devices to establish causes are often not used or have been utilised for the wrong purposes and or stolen by the very custodians). When such incidents occur, and the investigating officers fail to reach a conclusion as to the cause, they should be held responsible for complicity and MUST BE JAILED. We see corruption as a way of life and we fail to heed the voice of our President that He would not tolerate the issue however miniscule. Are we cursed? We must ponder on the fate of the NATION in totality and look at our resources, the way the nation stands ECONOMICALLY and then pre-judge our level of honesty. When lawyers ask for bribes to twist the hands of majistrates, then dishonesty reigns supreme even within the law. Suffice me to caution that we still have honest lawyers, judges, and administrators but in the main, we are hell-bent on retaining the status-quo in so much as we refuse to purge our past ways and walk the narrow paths of the Godly.

    3rd December 2011

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