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Musa Tarawallie takes battle to VP’s home

Musa Tarawallie takes battle to VP’s home

Last week’s battle linking armed security officers attached to the Minister of Internal Affairs and defenseless Kono Youth corroborates serialized reportage of facts that Musa Tarawallie (in photo) viciously wants President Koroma appoint him as his next running mate.

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Armed bodyguards of Musa Tarawallie opened fire at Kono youths minutes after the arrival of the forenamed Minister in Koidu town in honour of an invitation from the Kono District Council chairman Madam Dianna Konomani.

The drama, we are told, unfolded shortly after information about Musa Tarawallie’s arrival in Kono reached the ears of indigenes of Kono District.

Kono is the home of Vice President Sam Sumana. He is liked by his Kono brothers and has been seen as their clear-headed representative in the Cabinet of the ruling APC government.

Disclosures however have it that Musa Tarawallie’s visit encircled his intention of becoming President Koroma’s running mate in 2012, and could as well be achieved if he attracts favour from the Konos;  home District of the current Vice President.

Musa Tarawallie’s visit was reportedly devised and worked out by a tribe’s relation of the Vice President.

Dianna Konomani, who happens to be the Kono District Council Chairman, our investigation revealed, is the brain behind the visit of the Musa in Koidu town Kono District.

Eyewitness accounts reveal how the Internal Affairs Minister entered Kono with a convoy of armed security officers.

He was received by a certain group of Kono youths who were putting on t-sShirts bearing the inscription: “Musa Tarawallie welcome to Kono VP to be.”

To this, our findings revealed, came the surfacing of another group of Kono youths who also putting ont-shirts with words such as: “Kono Youth for Sam Sumana.”

Mockingly, it was as if the Minister of Internal Affairs was in Kono not to attend a funeral as alleged, but to tell indigenes of Kono District that he is unavoidably going to be President Koroma’s next Vice President.

Facts have it that Kono youths were doubtful of the Minister’s visit particularly when it borders around the fact that he has had the intention of lobbying some of APC’s strongmen to blow his horn to the President for the position of running mate come 2012.

Albeit the Minister’s confession that he was in Kono to attend to a funeral, this press has received information that he has been holding secret meetings with Districts and Western region officials of the ruling APC, sweet talking them to join him to convince President Koroma to appoint him as his next running mate.

It is disclosed however that Musa Tarawallie has had unmanageable lavishing of millions to party officials as well as supporters to enable them portray him as a better replacement of Sam Sumana.

“Using the police to fire at defenseless Kono youths is but a warning signal that Musa Tarawallie is seemingly becoming too big for his shoes,” Sahr Nanoh said.

“It is uncalled for to have a whole Minister ordering police officers (OSD) fire at youths who merely were venting disagreement over leaks received that President Koroma intends disrobing the Vice President in place of the Internal Affairs Minister come 2012.

Suppositions reproachfully point fingers at Dianna Konomani, whom, according to disclosures, deviously connived with Musa Tarawallie to strip Vice President Sam Sumana off the running mate come the 2012 elections.

Musa Tarawallie, dissimilar to other Ministers, has been in the habit of patrolling streets, highways and roads leading to the provinces having countless number of armed police guards as if a battle field commander.

A snap visit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at Liverpool Street reveals how armed police officers attached to the Minister hang around bars and shops at the neighbourhood idling a away their time.

It is reported that the shooting incident is currently under police investigation and that Musa Tarawallie will soon be invited with his securities for statement making.

The question many now asked is whether it was right of the Minister to order his officers to discharge live bullets against unarmed youths or not?

Schools of learning have asked whether any police officer in his right mind has  the right to shoot at or discharge live bullets without having to follow the principles of polite approach and minimum force even before practically reaching resolution of using maximum force, as in the case of the Kono shooting spree.

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  • The President needs a free hand to run the Country.Just as a good housewife allows her husband to lead the house. Sam-Sumana is doing just that in the interest of an harmonious co-existence. Kono is strategically place in the body politic of Sierra Leone.Kono is not going to let his son dry up for lack of votes. He will get more of it.

    8th September 2011

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