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Kono district has always been the proverbial man that sits by the river and washes his hands with spittle. It is no secret that the mere mention of

One of the Thermal Generators was installed by the APC Government was this afternoon loaded on a truck to be transported reportedly to Bo by SLPP operatives. But with

Part I of this article in the previous edition looked at the discovery of diamonds in Kono District, the colonial control of the minerals and the influx of

In my first installment, I treated three areas of concern, namely, the discovery of diamonds in Kono from the 1930s with little or no benefit to the district;

In all of Sierra Leone’s post-independence social, economic and political developments, Kono has not only played crucial roles in tilting the political pendulum in favor of the winning

Last week's battle linking armed security officers attached to the Minister of Internal Affairs and defenseless Kono Youth corroborates serialized reportage of facts that Musa Tarawallie (in photo)

Affected crop owners of Koidu Holding’s Kimberlite mining project have signed a compensation agreement with Koidu Holdings at a ceremony held in Kono Thursday 28th. In his statement, the

The Press Unit, office of the Vice President takes the greatest exception to a baseless article published on page 10 of Monday 11th July edition of the Sierra

When the final dust of the ten years of senseless carnage resulting from the civil war was settled in 2002, it ushered in the return to multi-party politics inSierra