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Mercury the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Mercury the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Soccer, established some centuries ago, played all over the world today is not just a game, but the way the truth and the life of hundreds of millions of fans, participants in Sierra Leone and the world over.

Arguably the dominant sporting game-football has attracted huge participants ranging from sponsors, spectators, commentators, writers and fanatics, who could even risk their lives and last kobo just to play, watch or bet in a single match that gives them more satisfaction than even other pleasures of life.

Over the years, Sierra Leoneans have become active enthusiasts in football; when the national team brings no laurels home and without a well organized league that creates opportunity for Sierra Leoneans to enjoy and participate in the game, football fanatics turned to watching and patronizing foreign leagues like the English Premier League; European Champions League and many more with the help of satellite TV links. As a result foreign football leagues have taken over the football fantasy as against the local leagues that used to flourish in the times when satellite TV made was not common.

Whilst football fantasy used to be just the ordinary enjoyment of watching games on TV screens; Mercury International Ltd established a few years ago, with lottery games and football betting has brought additional joy and excitement that has given different outlook and benefit from football. Today, the Mercury games are a preoccupation and sources of abundant wealth and livelihood to many.  

Mercury International; having noticed the passion and love many Sierra Leoneans have for football, youths in particular, betting and game playing using popular leagues like the Barclaycard English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French League, Germany League, Italian Seria A, etc there could be no better way to captured the minds of most young and enthusiastic football participants other than what is currently enjoyed courtesy of Mercury International. In a very congratulatory terms, the Mercury games to its credit has helped reduced the idleness in the country, giving youths something to engage themselves in – some as salesmen, others working for the central office and some playing the games and doing the bets that have made them millionaires and many eking their living in requisite terms.

Today one only needs to visit Mercury stalls and even the Office Headquarters at Siaka Stevens Street to see the obvious: people both old and young including women queue up to bet for their favourite teams in which their stars played in, with high hopes of becoming a millionaires depending on the amount staked.

With fixtures for each day from most the world renowned football leagues or tournaments, international competitions between and among nations of the world, opportunities abound for all and sundry to become millionaires.

Hundreds of millions of football fans that derive utility in this football betting game have welcomed Mercury and embraced this initiative by the manager as hundreds of Sierra Leoneans have become millionaires overnight through this game.

In an interview, Alimamy Kamara a regular player and winner of Mercury Football betting games intimated that he has built a house, rented a small shop, established a business of his own through this game, which explains why he constantly plays Mercury each and everyday.

Today, the brand Mercury has become a household name in the whole of the country with people of all ages engaging in one way or the other in forecasting and betting on the in myriads of fixtures for each day’s prediction.

Many adults now make it their academic adventure to study Prediction Sets of Mercury International Games in their dreams of becoming millionaires which to them is never far away with Mercury.

The passion for Mercury football polls have grown over the years that people have become Mercury fads, fighting in queues to play Mercury football polls for the day.

If one gets down to knowing what drives people crazy about Mercury Football polls, it is clear that an institution of such repute that offers millions to just who strikes luck on the bet games and gets millions every day is quite an extra ordinary thing in these days of economic impossibilities. The strange thing is that whilst the global melt down leaves most multinational companies crumbled; Mercury continues to grow unimaginably. Today the company is by far the most profitable and most charitable in the country.

In an unprecedented show of corporate social responsibility, the company in this academic year alone has dished out more than a hundred scholarships to various students, from primary to tertiary level with no strings attached; a gesture worth a thousand laudations. 

To many, Mercury International Limited now carries the sobriquet: Mercury the way, the truth and the life.

Zachariah, SEM 

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