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Attitudinal Challenges: Why is self esteemed and Self Improvement Inseparable in Humanity?

Attitudinal Challenges: Why is self esteemed and Self Improvement Inseparable in Humanity?

A man who is self esteemed in personality knows exactly how he feels about himself, his behavioral attitude and how much he would like others to respect him. It has been said that if we don’t like ourselves, it is impossible to be liked or loved by anyone else. Liking and respecting yourself is very different from vanity or egoism, worthlessness, and uselessness which are the most extreme negative attitudinal characteristics in human trait. Let me reiterate to my readers that having good health is a pride of being self esteemed, on the other hand, it is to be comfortable and confident within yourself that enables you to know who you are as a peoples’ person.  (Photo: Essa Thaim Kurugba)

Most people have their self doubts even in our political arena, and they may also be very uncomfortable with part of their distinctive personality. The good news is that, we can change almost any part of our personality, if it is important to us and we are prepared to put in the necessary effort. This is actually what self improvement is all about; making positive change in our lives is worth the try. Paradoxically, making changes also requires commitment and it can be sometimes difficult but there are many valuable resources available that can provide great advice and guidance.

Your self esteem as a politician is all about how we feel on the inside, and these inside feelings will affect how you feel and act on the outside. Moreover, your self esteem determines your personality, attitude and character, and it will also portray on how you react to the experiences and challenges you face in your political career. It will also affect your attitude and your relationship on how you interact with everyone you come in contact with. Clearly, this indicator shows how successful and happy one will be throughout his/her life.

Having a sound mind and a healthy body is also self esteem. Feeling comfortable and confident with yourself and appreciating others as human beings, is self improvement. There is no perfection in humanity, and self improvement is an ongoing journey in our developmental stages. The very fact that we are making the effort to improve our behavioral attitude, our lives will help us to feel better about ourselves and will always boost our self esteem and confidence.

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