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Mr. Idiot – former MPs bootlickers, food finders?

Mr. Idiot – former MPs bootlickers, food finders?

What’s happening to mother Sierra Leone? Why are our politicians, who understandably should have the responsibilities of developing strategies that build up society, all but in the end, promote frustration?

Don’t hesitate calling them bootlickers and food finders at all. In fact, you can even call them corrupt politicians.

Mr. Idiot’s attention is pinched to a press release put out by so-called former members of parliament (North, South, East and Western Area) confirming their support for the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in the soon to come 2012 Presidential elections.

But guess what? The release bears the signature of Hon. Musa Tarawally as Chairman and Hon. M.C Koya as public relation officer.

I, Mr. Idiot, have been a parliamentarian; not a dummy member but one who vibrantly took part on debates of national concerns in the well of Sierra Leone parliament.

Be not dismayed at all that the Idiot is still a parliamentarian anyway. If you don’t believe what I say then you are at liberty to go ask the elder Kain and Abel Strounge.

Please don’t misunderstand the senseless, brainless and of course stupid Idiot; I mean the Strounge who gallivants the streets of Freetown with a hooting siren as if a newly married young man.

You know what; I have told my boys, the prisoners at Pademba Prisons to arrest and keep in the cottages for unnecessary nay distracting serious minded Freetonians such as I the Idiot of a type.

You’ve been warned Mr. Speaker.

My people, fellow Countrymen, the Idiot is disappointed at shameless conducts of failed and expired parliamentarians, who for any selfish reasons meddle their way in the politics of Sierra Leone.

But it seems to the Idiot that the former Parliamentarians are possible candidates for the Airtel 1001 Laughs and Music night.

Yes, it is virtually so. Failing politicians are comedians and are better allowed to behave crazily than forming an association in support of President Koroma.

Again also, it has reached the twitter box of Mr. Idiot that the former MPs have opted forming an association support of the President because they want him to fail just as Solomon Smoky Bee.

“Who do you think you are?” “Having spent years as parliamentarians, you’ve done nothing but appropriate and put into pockets of yours, public’s fund,” Mr. Idiot said.

The Idiot has had no scrap of doubt that he is hated by especially the politicians because of his wise ways of saying senseless and brainless things.

Was not him (Mr. Idiot) who unintelligibly pointed fingers at politicians of the ruling APC and opposition SLPP accusing them of willfully setting the stage for civil unrest in the future?

Then hear what the likes of an unclean politician such as Victor Foh has to say some weeks ago: “Maada Bio is a killer.”

Just then, he was replied to by the national treasurer of the opposition SLPP party: “Victor Foh used his scrotum to sign government document.”

Yayuah! The Idiot has said. Just as the failed MPs are, even current politicians such as Vicky Di Foh and Joe Ngor Kallon seemed to slowly toe lines of failing political folks

Now, tell me, how would those who help us truly perceive us – I mean the donors? I am sure everybody now knows that the senseless Idiot is making point though.

Tears run down the face of the knighted Idiot when told that unscrupulous politicians have formed an unwholesome cabal to selfishly broadcast their support intentions for President Koroma in the 2012 elections – den for make you loss ya!

Wonder though how these so-called MPs were elected. Just when the PPRC put modalities in place as to how campaign should be done, they’ve beaten the gun and have started campaigning for President Koroma – wretched lawlessness sir.

I, the Idiot of a type, have recently caught at the world’s brightest flash light. Expensive as it is, I was left without option but obligatorily sell all I have to at least secure one.

It is with pleasure that I, Mr. Idiot, announce to Sierra Leoneans that my flash light is supernaturally magical and can beam pictures in the dark.

Be it known to all that the purchased flash light was obtained to expose disagreeable and noxious conducts of politicians.

No wonder people call the Idiot ‘stupid Idiot.’ Anyway, you can call me whatever name you like, for all I know, in the kingdom of Idiots, dishonesty and corruption are prohibited.

And for your information nevertheless, the Association of Idiots (AOI) have asked Mr. Idiot submits an all-inclusive report on the land grabbing saga between the wife of President Koroma and a Sierra Leonean businessman Bassam Basma.

Of course, and with all respect, the report is almost complete and would be submitted anytime from now.

As a senseless, irrational and foolish Idiot, one whose Idiotic conducts has earned him a knight title, I virtually have put together pertinent information revealing land grabbing overindulgences of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

I, the Idiot of a type, am stunned at the media in Sierra Leone, who for any reason; food finding, bootlicking etc., have regrettably abandoned professional principles in place of political propaganda.

It is hoped however that fools, just as Mr. Idiot, will keep by their castle/fort and not dare come by the stronghold of the Idiot, or will practically not walk free but be dealt with thus.

Anyway, the Idiot is being asked to join a number of patriotic (sorry greedy and selfish) people to form an association in support of the Mayor of Freetown in his pursuit to convince the Di Pa give him second term in office.

Though yet to approve their request, the Idiot is busy writing memoirs of events in relation to the newly formed association of former members of Parliament in support of President Koroma and that of the Morgan Heritage corruption overindulgences.

Disturbing to the Idiot is the fact that university students, who may have understood memoirs already written, have been made powerless owing to lack of exam papers at Fourah Bay College (FBC).

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