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Mr. Idiot: Bad politics, Bad Politicians…

Mr. Idiot: Bad politics, Bad Politicians…

Mr. Idiot’s attention is drawn to disturbing happenings recently observed in the political showground of this country.

He is practically not happy with the behaviours of some politicians, especially those who’ve been occupying studios of radio and TV stations to say odd and uncalled for words against opponent political leaders and parties.

It is with deep regret that the Idiot has fearlessly forewarned ‘bootlickers’ who disguise themselves as politicians to refrain making deceitful and fraudulent statements which are likely to alight civil unrest.

Yes, as politicians, it is no secret to the Idiot that they are owners of beautiful houses, expensive cars, occupants of state offices and are ‘all but’ the remote controllers of state wealth and functionaries.

Of course, it is also not a secret to all that Sierra Leonean politicians attack and at some point attempt killing opponent political party supporters because of the benefits they enjoy when in governance position.

They’ve had at their disposal the rights to make or break Sierra Leone, and are the true arbitrators of what society needs do or not do.

I am sure the Idiot shall have to deal with the issue of corruption and how even the present party in governance has had serialized overindulgences on issues of corruption at some quarters.

If I hear you say ‘dow;’ I mean cough a word, I will not allow you go free, but surely hunt and gun you down.

No wonder the on and on ringing of Mr. Idiot’s old and outdated mobile phone to answer to number of calls coming from both his enemies and good friends.

And I am sure, positively and definitively sure that the Idiot’s enemies are those who sending words of threat against him and even call him a bad man.

To all of these, came the greedy and selfish existence of hate and hatred from one political party to the other.

In about a month ago, society has been experiencing serialized and constant engagements of radio, TV and print media houses by selfish, greedy and low-priced politicians, who neither discuss nor promote issues of national interest but rather calculatedly inflame civil unrest; I mean APC, SLPP and PMDC.

The Idiot is got no time calling the noisy or ‘borku talk’ UDM movement as any political part at all; I don’t have such a right even…sheeeeeeee!

No surprise at all that the Idiot of a type has chosen to methodically and in chronological order put points together, uncompromisingly shaming those whose roles in society compels them act as pace setters of society but who turns round to behave in the contrary.

I am an Idiot, yes. I don’t have any sense, yes. I am senseless, dimwitted, brainless, a crass and a tactless uneducated stupid Idiot, all yes.

Albeit a senseless Idiot, I have been able to point out reckless proclamations of politicians of the ruling All People’s Congress party and the Sierra Leone People’s party respectively.

It was a surprise to the Idiot that the national secretary general of the ruling APC party recently called up a press briefing to tell media officials that the elected Presidential flag carrier of the opposition SLPP party is a killer man.

And on the other hand, just recently, the national treasurer of the opposition SLPP was at studios of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) actionably telling Sierra Leoneans that the national secretary general of the ruling APC party, Victor Bockarie Foh, in days past, has used his scrotum to sign national documents.

Mr. Idiot’s attention has been drawn to accusations that he (Idiot) is belonging to party bla bla bla.

This will be my last time of warning you fools. I am just an Idiot; I have not met the criteria required of a politician; in fact, it is just recently that my brothers (the association of Idiots) have awarded me a knight title nay ‘Sir Cleverest Idiot.’

I am quite not sure that Idiots have had any right to become political figures. So, avoid accusing poor Mr. Idiot as dancing with politicians and political parties.

Less I move away from truthfully say oddities of politicians, allow me continue with my stupid analysis anyway.

Sierra Leoneans have been made to practically believe that by the time we reach to the elections come 2012, a lot more of our politicians would have unavoidably found their names in list of persons recommended to become members of the society of Idiots just as Sir Cleverest Idiot.

I was not born Idiot! I was called an Idiot and made a knight of all the Idiots following honest recommendations by fellow Idiots that my senseless, brainless and unintelligent qualities in saying things that educates society meet up the criteria required of an Idiot.

I am called Sir Cleverest Idiot because I have been too over stupid for the politicians.

As a knight in shining armour; the Idiot of all Idiots, allow me tell it to you that Sierra Leone has been discovered as a country with hundreds of Idiots, most of whom are camouflaged politicians.

Some have had no house to sleep, but rather occupy public residents as tenants at will – so to say – Stadium Hostel.

And will it surprise you that a bootlicker, food finder, attack collect, defend collect… politician, who calls himself a leader of an up and coming political party, has been frequenting himself at studios of radio and TV stations to chant praises to the favour of a different political party other than his own.

Is he not an Idiot too? In fact, he is more Idiot than the Mr. Idiot you now know. Tell me, you who call yourselves the wise and upright; is it sensible of a man to love others than he loves himself?

And is it verily sane of man who calls himself a possible leader of a political party, to engage in propagating the good views of another political party, leaving his own dormant completely?

It is the wish of Mr. Idiot to announce to you that Sierra Leone has had too many Idiots in the recent past.

The converts are mostly politicians of the APC, SLPP and from a movement called United Democratic Movement (UDM).

It is predictable nevertheless that as Sierra Leone gets nearer to the 2012 elections, add up number of selfish and shortsighted politicians would unavoidably join the society of Idiots, and by no dodging, may give helping hands to the work of the great Mr. Idiot.

As the cleverest Idiot in Sierra Leone, I was told that the national secretary general of the ruling APC party, Victor Bockarie Foh, had used his scrotum to sign national documents.

Of course, I was passionately surprised at such a revelation, but later resolved at practically calling all (politicians) in Sierra Leone as lapstick comedians, who have got no admiration, respectability, moral values but of a potential selfish, greedy, glutton and dishonest attributes averse to national development.

And if this could interest you, the Idiot was also told that the former President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, was refused an American visa recently.

Should this not question the credibility and integrity, if not moral values of those of our politicians who claims working in the interest of the unsuspecting masses?

I, Sir Cleverest Idiot, presume that a lot more Sierra Leonean politicians are likely to be refused American, British and other European visas. I say it so because no upright nation in the western world would virtually allow bad named politicians take solace in their territories.

Allow me stop here and join me in my next edition.

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  • The ”Amnesis vitae” show that our deviant political behaviour was at remission or it only seemed so. Some external stimulus such as unaccountable for funds, consensual deals, amenities and finally impunity. ” Impunity here at home in Africa and abroad has exacerbated those that once seemingly controlled symptoms to a very critical stage notable ”split/multiple personality ‘disorder. People with split/multiple personality disorder tenaciously head for their goals. They are so preoccupied with their ego, therefore demand to have two votes in any presidential elections instead of one, two or more political parties, two salaries and even two pensions. Paradoxical for the observer, but rather annoying for these individuals when it comes to paying taxes, they pretend to be one person in such cases or may have prefer not to be in existence at all. These are the same guys who would classify us ”the ordinary man” as idiots.

    25th August 2011

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