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Customer Care, the Attitude

Customer Care, the Attitude

Talking about development and growth in Sierra Leone, we sometimes tend to forget that action needs to be taken, minds and mentalities need to be changed hence Attitudinal Change.

Nowadays the term Attitudinal Change: has become a cliché, a sing-song unfortunately with no tune and understanding. It is rather unfortunate that we are now finding out through our mistakes that our minds must be put in order to promote and achieve maximum growth and development in Sierra Leone.

A very important sector that explains all about a nation is the Customer Care Services Sector. This sector must be deemed very important as it advertises and markets a nation and its people, thus helping to promote growth and accessibility amongst other nations.

Sadly for Sierra Leone its Customer Care Service tends to border on the negative side. Taking a brief look at the Telecommunications Customer Care Services it would prove shocking but absolutely clear that most of the people hired to help the public out with information and to form a bond of accessibility are not suitably qualified. Most of these people border on profanities when confronted with situations they (should handle) cannot handle and are outright impolite and rude to customers.

It makes one wonder “Who’s doing whom a favor?” Apparently it is them judging by their harsh attitude and inadequacy which totally leaves a lot to be desired.

Yet still another bug of Customer Care Service Services in Sierra Leone that bites the mind is the reception and hospitality you get at restaurants and hotels. Surely no one would like their food poisoned but sometimes with the glares and hostile stares one gets from waitresses, one can’t help but wonder, “Did she put something else in my soup?” They create such awful tension that just puts one off his appetite and at the end of the meal you feel compelled to leave a rather large tip promising never to visit such a place again.

The same applies to hotels that cost a hand with promises of sheer luxury and the likes, only for customers to be faced with problems of faulty plumbing, dirty and worn out beddings; rampant thievery and invasion of guests’ privacy.

Interestingly all these malpractices and inefficiencies may seem minor compared to the kind of degrading and uncouth treatment one gets from the local traders, most of them petty; but what can one expect judging from the attitude of those that call themselves professionals? Granted; one can hold his breath and bear the appalling treatment that we get from Customer Care Services but not bury his head in the sand hoping that the problem will disappear by itself.

It must be noted that as mentioned earlier, Customer Care Service advertises a nation and its people. So it is only expedient right now that we Sierra Leoneans try to sell the nation in more polite and astute ways, in my opinion; that’s what I think is embedded in the President’s clarion call for the change of attitude. If only we can start by improving on the way we refer to one another, then many of the crooked attitudes can be straightened out.

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