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Mr. Idiot – Shame on you Salone Army!

Mr. Idiot – Shame on you Salone Army!

What?  Could this be true indeed that a soldier was recently dismissed on account of allegation that he was found jubilating SLPP’s high court ruling?

Well, the Idiot was left without any option but cunningly patrolled corridors of the Ministry of Defense to get first hand information as to reasons surrounding the sacking of a soldier, who has served the Army for 17 good years.

But again, the Idiot has been told that the leadership of the Sierra Leone Army is virtually an over retired officer and has had no option, but to dance to the dictates of politicians or face dismissal.

As an Idiot, though a very stupid man, I have vowed not to sit by and see politicians infiltrate the military and regrettably capitulate uncalled for bad luck of such a structured and defined force.

And I am sure it is in minds of Army officials, I mean all occupying top positions, that the Idiot is indeed not a stranger to the military at all

Well, in case you don’t know me, I the cleverest Idiot; I am stupid, senseless, brainless, dimwitted and of course a fool.

But don’t you ever call me Stupid Idiot at all, I hate that name.

Anyway, I need not waste my time on telling my titles to you.  But be it known that the sacking of SLA 1816-7832 Alhaji Sidikie is but completely outdated and must be revisited now.

Mr. Idiot’s consideration is drawn to the fact that a lot more underhand games are operationally functional within ranks of senior military officers.

Of course, it is no doubt that the proud Idiot is on a man hunt readily and ably equipped to expose conducts of corrupt officials at all flanks, with the military &nb sp; at fore.

My people, do you know that soldiers have held secret get together with the Idiot and have in one voice asked him tell the world that their colleague was unreasonably sacked for merely giving a helping hand to a police officer as he controls a multitude of opposition SLPP supporters celebrating their party’s victory in relation to a case in the high court.

No, I say no, and don’t tell me anything. Albeit an Idiot, I know hundreds of senior military officers that are registered members of political parties and are fully paid up.

Payback time has come and the Idiot will surely begin to call names. Thank God, I am an Idiot and nobody listens to what I say. And as a stupid Idiot, I intend using my idiotic experience to skillfully bring out red raw corruption overindulgences in the military.

Why was SLA Alhaji Sidikie sacked? I just need an answer and must be given me within 48 hours as of date of publication of notice.

The Idiot is undesirably disappointed over cowardice mannerism of Army officials, who for political reasons neither punish nor send personnel for corrective training, but rather inhumanly dismiss them owing to political pressures.

Fellow countrymen, it is with pleasure that the Idiot announces to all that generals and brigadiers in the Sierra Leone Army has had shameful moments succumbing to unlawful dictates of politicians thus the advents of undue dismissals of decent military personnel.

The Idiot, senseless as he is, has managed to secure a very bright beaming flashlight and will soon begin to use same to search drawers, tables and shelves of the Army for documents that identify names of senior military officers that plays double role- in military uniform and a politician.

And who dare you tell the Idiot that he is saying things that are virtually wrong; I will not hesitate to hit you head on.

Now, why was SLA 1816-7832 Alhaji Sidikie dismissed?

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