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Underworld SLPP aspirants want representation

Underworld SLPP aspirants want representation

Dead men not counted at all, wrong! Very wrong! Go tell it to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) that some aspirant resident beneath the earth ‘dead men’ in the underworld wants their boxes incorporated during voting day to elect the party’s Presidential nominee for the 2012 elections.

And men from the world beneath have asked for a refund of Le 50 million paid by one of their candidates, Salia Fawundu, or his ballot box incorporated among the 19 to be voted for this weekend.

Oh yes, Fawundu died shortly after paying red raw Le 50 million to executives of the SLPP as was mandated.

Avowals of some of SLPP’s dead aspirants are that their boxes should be among the 19 boxes of candidate on planet earth come Sunday 31st July at the Miatta Conference Hall, Youyi Building.

But was Fawundu’s Le 50 million payments returned to family members soon after his death? Nobody, not even Alie Bangura has given an answer to it.

Remember though that Sierra Express Media’s K9 investigator recently witnessed a press conference held by the appointed SLPP electoral commissioner, Ambassador Alie Bangura, held at the SLPP head quarter office in Freetown.

The press conference however allays fear of persons questioning the multi-ballot box system. Unfortunate though was the fact that the SLPP electoral chairman never disclosed whether money paid by dead aspirants were refunded to family members or not.

The surprise, my people! A ghost, in the person of Gbonima Gbondo, recently visited offices of the Sierra Express Media to take an interview with K9 on the issue of the SLPP soon to come convention and leadership elections.

Of course, you all know who Gbonima was even before his death. “I will take over leadership of the SLPP in the 2012 elections,” the late man has said. “No son of Adam will stop me lead the party at all.”

Though dead, his voice remains totally unchanged. His persistence of an unfailing resurrection from the bottomless pit (grave) to take over leadership of the (SLPP) seemed real.

Was it not Gbonima who was referring to the race for SLPP flagbearership as a marathon?

He was truly right. To prove it, he was the first to quickly take the exit; died and buried long ago.

After Gbonima’s death, the next that joins him was Fawundu. Who next, who follows… on and on and on and on it goes.

Now, allow me make my point clear. Why not give back monies paid by aspirants who died prior to the elections? Or would the boxes of dead included during pooling day?

Gbonima, Fawundu and others have all promised witnessing the elections at Miata Conference hall on the day of the elections and have asked all including… heed to protocols observed.

It is hoped however that losers will accept defeat and support the winner. To allay the fears of all, it has reached tables of this press that even aspirants living in the underworld have vowed going by the dictates of the elections.

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