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Some interesting events of the past week

Some interesting events of the past week

Honestly if I were a member of the APC leadership I would genuinely worry about the way things are going which put bluntly, is that they are going nowhere at all.  But first let me clear the air on a matter which affects me personally.  Ever since the signing of the “Consent Judgment” by Dr. Bu-Boakei Jabbie on one hand and John Oponjo Benjamin, acting National Chairman, J J Siaffa acting National Secretary-General and Ansu Lansana acting Legal Adviser of the opposition SLPP on the other, I have received many phone calls as well as direct contacts from other people congratulating the party on what we never doubted all along but what our detractors thought was unachievable in the short term.  That we had succeeded in putting  our house in order so smoothly, much to the discomfiture of the ruling APC party; the latter will never admit this openly, but in private quite a few among them would admit that they did not expect us to do it so smoothly.   (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

Once again we confounded many of our critics and the skeptics. The next question was why I did not make single appearance in any of numerous photographs of jubilation that afternoon.  Now how do I answer that?  Modesty restrains me from “blowing my own trumpet,” but I belonged to a group of concerned party elders and stakeholders who could be compared to what in myMethodistChurchis referred to as “SILENT WORKERS.”  Here I must mention some names like Alhajie U N S Jah, Ambassadors Alie Bangura, Joe Blell, Joe Pemagbi, Alie Badara Kamara, Alhajie Amadu Tejansie, then, Haja Mariatu Mahdi, Victor Thomas, F M B Sawi, Humphrey Swaray, Agnes Taylor-Lewis, Hon. Ansu Kaikai, Sidiki Brima, Minority Leader Hon. Momoh Pujeh, Mayor Wusu Sannoh and very prominently, former Vice President and SLPP Presidential candidate Solomon Berewa.  Others joined us later in the final crucial negotiations and they included the Aspirants, the Out-going national Executive Committee led by Chairman John Benjamin, Ambassador Alie Kanu and Ansu Lansana.

When it was all over and the singing and dancing commenced I couldn’t believe that the end had come almost as an anticlimax.  I must confess that I was overcome and I just sat there as if glued to my seat and involuntarily shedding tears; tears of relief.  I have to add that it is also my style quite often to stay in the background in such situations.  Chairman John Benjamin’s tribute and especially that of Alhajie U N S Jah were sufficient for me, plus the personal calls from my colleagues in the Concerned Members group.  In spite of my tears I could not restrain myself from chuckling quietly as I recalled Hon. Tamba Bobor-Sawyer’s insults to me in the pages of the Standard Times newspaper in which he also boasted that he would make me irrelevant in the politics of the Kailahun district.  I wonder if he has now admitted to himself at least that Kailahun district apart, I continue to be relevant in the SLPP politics country wide and that for those who are obsessed over the subject of my age at 81. 

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  • Banya, imagine yourself at 81. Why can’t you leave us now in peace and be preparing yourself for the hellfire awaiting you in the true world for all the atrocities you have committed in our country Sierra leone. You are lucky for not being tried and punished here on earth but time will tell. What goes around ….Comes around.

    10th July 2011

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