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With Usman Boie, President Koroma has a Herculean task ahead in 2012

With Usman Boie, President Koroma has a Herculean task ahead in 2012

Recently, Sierra Express Media toured the provincial headquarter towns of Makeni, Bo, and Kenema, to enhance people’s assessment of the chances of opponent political parties – the APC and SLPP in the run up to the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Data so far collected speculates that if Usman Boie Kamara clinches leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), it is sure he has the potential to destabilize strongholds of the ruling APC in the north and Western area respectively.

Usman Boie has served in the civil service and deservingly rose to the rank of Director of Mines in the Ministry of Mineral Sources.  He has a strong political background in almost all the mining districts in the country including Kono, Kenema and Bo.

Usman Boie is a Mandingo by ethnicity. He is married to a Fullah wife; a tribe believed to the third largest in population – statistical data 2004 census.

He is regarded among the membership of APC and SLPP as an intelligent and unassuming politician.

It is argued though that with Usman Boie as SLPP 2012 flagbearer; and with Maada Bio, or Kadie Sesay, presumably as running mate, he will be a serious threat to President Koroma.

Be it known that factors likely to militate against the APC in the 2012 elections hinge on the fact that President Koroma is running the country as if it is family property.  He is ethnocentric, his cabinet is full of northern elements, and senior portfolios are awarded to the Limbas or Temnes.

The survey also brings to light the unpopularity of Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana.  The President’s second man is unpopular even in his place of birth, Kono, in the eastern part of Sierra Leone.  This, our investigation reveals, was manifested in the just concluded bye election in Constituency 04 in the Kissi Tongi Chiefdom; a place the Vice President had himself allured the electorates vote his candidate of choice (APC candidate), but lost woefully to the opposition SLPP.

There is no doubt at all that Usman Boie has internal and external backings due to years of services rendered.

By Felix D Fofoh

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  • The issue of Sierra Leone politics punctuated with tribal/regional labels is alarming and lacks political correctness.While is it that there are more Themne or Northern ethnic language speakers in predominantly Mende Southeastern Sierra Leone than anywhere else? Many a time I have been embarrassed just by wrongly assuming that a Kamara, Koroma, Kargbo,Kanu, Bangura, Turay or Sesay from the Southeast does not understand Mende by making careless ethnophobic remarks only to realize that the individual speaks more Mende than I do and doesn’t understand any Themne regardless his name.
    So short, Mende is a nation of many tribal/ethnic groupings, hospitable and accomodative to all living within. By that I mean, SLPP is multi-tribal/ethnic and not tribal. Take it or leave it!

    21st June 2011
  • Can you say SLPP lost woefully in Bombali or Porloko to name few which are APC strong hold? That is the stupidity of some of you unprofessional self-styled journalist. No matter how many votes APC gets in Kailahun it will never defeat SLPP there although it made some gains in votes as compared to the two previous general and local council elections conducted by SLPP in 2007 with mass rigging.
    Bias reporting is really not good in journalism and that is why some journalist from the fourth estate know me. I always tell them, go and write whatever you feel but make sure you write the correct thing otherwise I will counter it. You write English and I write English on self defense.
    At the end most of them became my friends and they always cross check their information before going to press. That is what we call decent journalism. But some of you coming from Kangaroo colleges or universities for which journalism was not your field of study or just as a secondary school drop out, you call yourselves journalist moving from office to office begging for survival.
    This is total nonsense and some of you don’t even know simple statistical variations and in such you make poor mathematical conclusions on your findings.
    Mr. Editor, the elections Kabba won in 1996 were undemocratic and unconstitutional. If you have any doubt, search for the empire in Africa. If you don’t mind I will send it for you. This is one of the thing, when I get back to Sierra Leone I will play for people to see and then we will ask how democratic was SLPP with democracy in SIerra Leone. SLPP can only fool some bunch of the 65 percent illiterate people in Sierra Leone but not all.
    SLPP have been boasting of bringing democracy in Sierra Leone. How? Mr. reporter of SLPP I want an answer.

    20th June 2011
  • You are kidding and let me assure you the editor of the above article, you can say all what you want to say about EBK and others, but you failed to know that your so called SLPP party was more tribalistic than any other political party Sierra Leone has ever had. What were your statical yardstick to write your so called rag-tag information? Mr. Kangaroo reporter, the mind speaks more than the look on the face. Let me assure you the so called flag bearer you are praise singing is the likes of Tijan Kabba and let me assure you again he will not even get ten percent of the total madingo votes as you are claiming him to be a madingo.I will pray to God for me to be in my Chiefdom which is the second largest town after Makeni in the Bombali District. That is the time you will see a Madingo pointing finger to his fellow madingo as a thief and crook. He cannot come again to mortgage our country after he has sold the wealth of this nation and shared it among him and some Key SLPP players. He want to come and fry us again in our own oil, never will that be.
    You are just roaming and making false report for your daily bread as it is only through propaganda you can gain from this thief.
    Come 2012, some of us are not journalist but we will react on some of your reports as a reminder of you evil deeds. I am reading most of this tabloid’s article on line and on most occasions I download and save. Therefore no what you say today because tomorrow some of us will be provoking you people and you have nothing to do. ‘Manika nu ko, jamfa ar keni ko sumuna, e-ba lawa, ar e bana e sain dae koro’. ‘osman Boi Kamara shon dae ann manika nu thi shon fei’. ‘Allah ya dem ma.’

    20th June 2011

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