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Searchlight – 06/19/11

Searchlight – 06/19/11

What Freetown City Council!

Searcher was amused when the very day saw some senior officials of the Freetown City Council (FCC) searching pockets of some senior workers, who were from a mission ‘Di Papa’ had sent them on.

Their files were even searched and also the vehicles they had used during the operation.

When the Searching man enquired what they were looking for, a small bird explained it was for money and other items as those who go on missions are notorious in collecting money and valuables from people falling foul of the law.

The little bird further told the Searcher that ‘hardship’ has engulfed the Freetown City Council so much that workers have gone without salary for now.

Senior officials now physically search their colleagues and monies or valuables found on them are seized and shared – dis nar trouble oh!

Dennis, Ogunladae and Minkalu vacate FBC quarters

Persons mentioned above are former lecturers at Fourah Bay College (FBC), but are now Ministers of Government in the ruling APC party.

When they were lecturers, the college provided them with free accommodation. This is normal practice and Searching man has no problem with that at all.

But what seems to be abnormal is the Ministers unflinching holding up of quarters at the college after resigning their positions as lecturers to become cabinet ministers.  What is seemingly paining the Searcher man is that these three opportunists are depriving lecturers of these quarters and it is also reported that they’ve the guts collecting rent allowances from tax’s payers’ money.

Searcher is not going to give them rest until they quit that place. Ask those who know the Searching man. They will tell you that he neither makes vague threats nor does he retreat from any battle.

And he regards the removal of these Ministers from the FBC quarters as a battle between him and them.

Trust me;  it is a battle I have to win.


Breaking News: The City Mayor Is Gone Missing!

News flashes that the beam of the Searching man continues to receive indication that the beloved, flamboyant, stylish and effervescent mayor of the ancient city of Freetown, his highest worshipfool Hebert George Williams, alias Hebert the Matorma Billa man, Hebert the lover, and Hebert the wrecker, has gone missing in action.

The wrecker was last seen leading a matorma devil procession heading towards the offices of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Reports even suggest that Mayor Herbert was seen wielding a cutlass and dancing an ancient dance while he charged into the thick of SLPP supporters.

The report further states that he may have gone with a matorma as he was recently crowned as the high priest of matormas in Sierra Leone.

But a female bird, who was very close to the mayor, has told the Searching man that good old Hebert the wrecker is presently in occultation preparing to defend himself in the case he knows the Anti Corruption Commission will soon bring against him for wasteful spending of billions of Leones in the demolition of the Freetown City Hall.

Efforts by the Searcher to reach old Mayor Herbert the wrecker Williams on his phone was meted with resistance from a monk like voice saying “sorry, the beloved Mayor is deep in meditation and will not come out of this state for as long as the spirit continues to guard him. Call him back next year”

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