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Journalist ministers muzzle press freedom

Journalist ministers muzzle press freedom

It is shameful that journalists, turned ministers, have ganged up to swiftly muzzle press freedom.

Things came to light past Tuesday shortly after APC’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communication was ushered to deliver a statement at the opening of a workshop held by the Independent Media Commission (IMC) on issues surrounding conduct of the media in Sierra Leone.

Journalists were taken aback when the Deputy Minister, Sheka Tarawallie, over-excitedly and naively misinterpreted section 4 (1&2) of the IMC Act 2000 on the grounds of explaining that the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ) has got no legal right to nominate persons to fill in positions as Commissioners at the IMC.

No wonder Sierra Leoneans merrily refer to officials of the Ministry of information as real time liars – will construct 30 roads in 18 months, give 24 hours light and bring you rice and sell it at Le 20,000 per bag.

Don’t you have the courage to bring that of your shrewd and deceitful tricks to journalists at all; of course, you know what that means.

Allow me describe the conduct of the Deputy Minister of Information Sheka Tarawallie as he relays instructions given him by ‘Di Pa’ to sections of media doctors, specialists, aces, and cubs respectively.

Comments of the Deputy Minister of Information irritated minds of media persons and was even taken to mean as a ploy to disproportionately muzzle the rights of the membership of SLAJ.

How for goodness sake would politicians still think they can easily compress the media, prevent them from saying things out loud, and wrap them as if a plate of rice.

“SLAJ has been violating sections of the IMC Act by nominating persons to fill in positions as Commissioners,” Sheka Tarawallie said.

You may wonder why I titled this piece as ‘Journalist Ministers Muzzle Press Freedom.’  The answer is simple and it is; ‘the two have been aged old journalists’ period!

In fact, it is because of their status as former journalists that have had saying in the cabinet of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Disheartening though is the fact that they, who should be marketing issues of media concerns to government, direct them on media related discussions and rightfully make them do the right thing, have turned round to be those who now machinate dreadful intentions of government against journalists.

Be it known also that it was the Information Ministry that has always been at fore to woefully disseminate doubtful happenings to society.

Was it not the Minister who first came out with handgun excuses that fuel oil was never increased, but measurement transformed – imperial to metric?

Before I stop, it is my wish to cheerfully say to you all that it has been resolved that SLAJ should be at the fore in the nomination and appointment of persons to hold Commissioner positions at the IMC.

It is also my wish to now invite you to click on the image below and strictly take a closer look at Sierra Express Media’s publication of the cartoon you now see and send your comment to samurabrima@yahoo.com

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