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Dr. Sidikie Bangura: A Renowned surgeon and philanthropist

Dr. Sidikie Bangura: A Renowned surgeon and philanthropist

I first met Dr. Sidikie Bangura (in photo) at the wedding party of former Ambassador Mbaba’s daughter, since then we became close and built a catholic bond of brotherhood.  I have since learnt and began to understand the humble character of this gentleman. Although he was a valedictorian of the Kolenten Secondary School Kambia, he never mentioned about that. He briefly sojourned through N’jala university of Sierra Leone as a math and chemistry student and by destiny won a scholarship from the catholic missionaries to read medicine in Italy. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the University of Par Ma Italy as a surgeon specialist.  He proceeded to West Germany then before the unification of Germany and practiced as a surgeon specialist in St Vincent university hospital in Altena-Iserrlon for many years before proceeding to Sierra Leone.

As an international student he speaks Italian Dutch and French fluently.   In Sierra Leone he speaks four of our vernaculars fluently. He worked at the Connaught hospital in Freetown and Bo and for the greatest part was the district Doctor in Kono, until he was trapped by the rebel war.  At the beginning of the Civil War in Sierra Leone most people thought the war would only last a few weeks or months, so not much effort was put into recruiting doctors or surgeons.  Since the demand for surgeons increased dramatically and the war went on, surgeons became the heroes because of the numerous lives they saved with limited supply of medicines and equipment to carryout complicated surgery of patients.   Based on this and his own experiences, Dr. Sidikie Bangura, went through the most challenging moments during the civil war in Sierra Leone.  Good fortune saw him escape for his dear life to Conakry where he continued his philanthropic work treating the greater population of our refugees in Guinea for free. Quietly he has lived an unassuming life in the United States while struggling with the system of adaptation.

In the medical field, surgeons have a complicated day to day routine whether it’s preparing for surgery or initiating surgery there is never a dull moment. An average surgeon works in a small office working about 10-12 hours a day the most challenging can be the large amounts of paperwork.  A Surgeon’s daily activities outside of the operating room consist of updating their knowledge of the new techniques and procedures being invented every day, recording information about patients, and documenting that information. Surgical assignments are made when patients fail non-surgical treatment.

Because of the rigorous education and difficult day to day routine being a surgeon requires incredible emotional stability. Being a surgeon isn’t for everyone.   These are some traits that make a good surgeon. Being able to judge whether a person needs surgical care is a very important trait. Another is active listening. Whether a surgeon is listening to a case, a superior surgeon, or an anesthesiologist it is important to use this trait. During a time of grief for the client’s family a surgeon must be able to console them. The most important skill is hand-eye coordination; one wrong move could kill someone or even worse turn them into a vegetable. The most important trait is a sense of humor because not only does it familiarize you with your client it also gives them a sense of confidence in the surgeon when it is time to operate.   Surgeons go through a lot whether they are beginning their medical career, are in the middle of it, or have recently retired they should be considered heroes for what they go through mentally, daily and while they are in college or training in medical school. Being a surgeon is a difficult task but at the same time it is rewarding mentally and physically.  The most wonderful achievement of a surgeon’s career happens when a life is saved, a family member is returned and a procedure is successful.

Dr. Sidikie Bangura is still pursuing thoughts of enhancing the promptings of philanthropy and in a humble way God willing is preparing to return and continue his service to Mama Salone soon with a difference. I testify this is a man of his kind that is worth admiring for his courage and love for Sierra Leone ,that I will always associate with, so as he leaves so will I pack my bags and follow to fulfill our duty to Mama Salone.

By Dr. Augustine  A. Kamara, The Salone Monitor, USA

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