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Poverty, Global, Hardship… Where Next?

Poverty, Global, Hardship… Where Next?

Some call it abject poverty or global poverty, and others say it is real time hardship. What next?

If this is so, so be it, Amen! It is virtually not the wish of Sierra Leoneans to continue to live in prolonged poverty, global poverty, and hardship.

Selfish and greedy politicians have made society the way it is today.

Shut up you who say ‘no’ to people’s interpretation of happenings.

It is only when elections are in the corner that politicians run to the aid of the poor and vulnerable for their votes.

Once that is given them, it is over and promises abandoned undone.

The politicians, particularly the APC and SLPP, on a number of occasions have had successful rides lavishing unaccomplished promises to the electorates at will.

In itself, it seems uninfringeable though that ‘sweet mouth’ planted on the uninformed electorates for their votes.

There is no reason blaming them at all. It is a fact that the majority of Sierra Leonean voters are either uneducated or school drop outs.

As such, they are left without options but listen to sugar coated words of politicians and in turned vote them as their candidates of choice.

While other African countries swim in the pool of development as things passed by, Sierra Leone steadily accelerates in reverse gear-poverty, global poverty, and hardship.

It was observed most recently that the prices of basic food stuffs skyrocketed five times previous costs.

Of course, the foreign exchange rate climbs height every day. And it is as a result of this depression of the Leone to the dollar that oil marketers resorted at raising the prices of petroleum products high up.

Again, if you ask the politicians why the hardship and continual poverty, they will have nothing to say but tell you it is due to the global punch.

No disrespect to such a justification at all, but are other African nations not experiencing same, yet have been able to steady inflation to meet earnings of the common man?

It is a surprise though that newspaper houses have gone without newsprint (printing papers) for about two consecutive weeks now.

Universally, ‘paper’ of whatever type exists in abundance and at cheaper cost.

The shortage of newsprint for use by the newspapers is a justification that Sierra Leone is sinking into unfavourable hardship.

Now, bend your neck down and take a watchful look at Mama Salone as she sails to lake hardship owing to misdirection.

Even though Mama Salone’s driver (Di Pa) regrets driving SH-1 into Lake Hardship, it is no excuse it will surely experience more hardship if measures are not put to order.

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