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There is a widespread public outcry about the magnifying scale of excruciating hardship in the country, characterised by mounting prices of goods and services. Particularly alarming is the price

Pertinent to exclusive interviews conducted by Sierra Express Media across the country, the people of this nation are heatedly unleashing their concerns amidst the unbearable economic hardships they

Many Sierra Leoneans are waiting on the side lines to hear the good news from the Bio led administration. The good news here is about bread and butter

Few months ago (November 2012) general elections were held and the President was re-elected, though the opposition still claims that the process was not devoid of fraud and

Some sections of the media have hinted the planned protest of the citizenry over the difficulty they encounter in moving from one destination to another, mainly in the

I have read the articles and listened to the APC and its apologists’ recent campaign strategy: character assassination of the Presidential Hopeful, Maada Bio led by ‘stainless’ Vicky

Some call it abject poverty or global poverty, and others say it is real time hardship. What next? If this is so, so be it, Amen! It is virtually