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Children of the rising sun: Taelaedougou!

Children of the rising sun: Taelaedougou!

Arise to thy glory; oh ye land of the proud!

Taelaedougou of the ancients, named by the fathers of old

Arise to thy glory oh ye people of pride!

Taelaedougou! Baptized by the ancients, blessed with the fruits of ivory, gold, salt and slaves,

From whence thou got thy name land of the rising sun, Taelaedougou!

Raped and cast aside by every passing mongrel; destitute and beaten,

Your children downtrodden, with inner pains of years of pain

Listen in negative surrender, to all the noise of today, flabbergasted and stunned,

No hope in sight, no sight of hope, mentally downtrodden, like they think no more!

Arise to the glory of name oh people of the land of the sun,

Source you were, a source you are, a source will thou be, cradle of mankind, cradle of wealth,

Bringer of gold, of salt of slaves, thou blood, thou sweat thou life had thou given,

Building the bastions of greatness for all in lands faraway from thine!

Listen to thy innermost voices, listen for once listen!

The out voices negatives do preach, yet in corpus spirit is humanity,

Stop all thine wars, stop this hate; fussing and fighting on where will take you!

Listen to the voices of thy children, many a voice retrace thine footsteps,

Listen to yourself, inner is your strength; spirits of the ages have words for you,

Whispers they do in thy innermost ears; think positive, unite and be strong!

The power and the glory that once was thine, this shall thou regain in the day of the new sunrise!

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria

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