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Alonzo finds his ‘Angel’

Alonzo finds his ‘Angel’

It was his debut album for Sierra Leone, but it became an instant hit after it was released by Kallboxx Records in 2007. In that song, ‘Angel’, Alonzo Abasi talks about his desire to go to London to look for his angel- a lady called Zainab.

However, it’s four years after the release of ‘Angel’ that Salonejamboree came to learn that Alonzo went to London, married his ‘Angel’ and they have been blessed with a child.

“Let’s say I have been around, but mostly in London. Yes, am presently married to a very supportive wife with a lovely son and live with my family in London,” Alonzo confirmed to Salonejamboree.

Many people had suggested that the song Angel was inspired by a true life story, but Alonzo says that is not the case: “The truth is that ‘Angel’ is not really a true life story. It is just one of those inspirations you get from other people’s experiences in long distance relationships.”

He continued: “When I was signed by Kallboxx records, I figured out that I needed to change my style in order for me to make hits for the company and for myself. So I had to revisit songs that I had written when I was in Liberia and ‘Angel’ was one of them. It was a collective effort though; because I suggested that the girl traveled to London but Sound Boy Ritchie, who produced the song, suggested we do it on a lovers rock beat, while DJ Boxx suggested that the girl should be called Zainab and the rest they say is history.”

Alonzo says apart from being a husband and a father, he has also enrolled at City and Islington College in the UK where he is studying music production.

“So far it’s been good, trying to adjust to the system and I am doing that rapidly. I feel like I’ve been here for ages but honestly I miss home,” he says.  “Right now, I am learning things that will help develop my skills and prepare me for the future. I really don’t see myself few years from now on the stage singing. All I want to be doing is writing and producing hit songs for talents who don’t have the opportunity to display their skills. With the support of my lovely wife, a state of the art recording studio will be launched in Liberia on July 20, 2011 and by early 2012, I’m hoping to have one in Sierra Leone too. After that, I will focus on building up my music empire making hits.”

However, controversy has also surrounded the nationality of Alonzo in the past. Whilst some say he was born in Liberia and in actual fact a Liberian, Alonzo says: “I am from Liberia, I belong to the Kroo tribe. I later on settled in Sierra Leone. I grew up with my grandmother in Freetown where I did my primary and secondary education at Buxton primary and Sierra Leone Grammar School, respectively. I have lived all my life as a Sierra Leonean, so I find it difficult to say my nationality is this or that. I consider myself as a SierraBerian because my mum is a Liberian, whilst my dad is a Sierra Leonean and Nigerian.”

Alonzo further says that he will always be grateful to Kallboxx records and DJ Boxx. “After God its Kallboxx… I feel like I owe Kallboxx Records and the only way I can pay back is to remain loyal. It was the efforts of DJ BOXX and Mohamed Kallon that launched my career locally and internationally, and for that I will be grateful till the day I die. It’s not easy to have someone invest in talents these days. There are many talented kids out there but they’re not known because there’s no one to invest in their talents. Kallboxx Records saw me, believed in me and gave me an opportunity to show the world what I am made of musically. Even though I now have my own company, Alzonic Records, I still represent Kallboxx Records because that is where it all started.”

Alonzo is expected in Freetown soon to join in the celebration of Sierra Leone’s Golden Jubilee.

“As a matter of fact I am hoping to be in Freetown to celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary; who dares reject a national call? I have been called upon by the committee to be part of the celebrations and I am so excited about it. I miss my fans because they really know how to make you feel special,” he says.

Meanwhile Alonzo has advice for his fans and colleague artists: “My advice to all my fans is that let’s all celebrate in peace, love and unity. Let’s put the interest of the country first and God will help us all. I want all my fans to make it a point of duty to always check out my official website www.alonzoworld.com. There you can buy songs and videos and know all about what’s going on with me. Also, the Best of Alonzo videos Vol.2 is scheduled for release in April, so please make sure you get a copy. To all my fellow artists, let’s all come together and work towards making our fans proud. Unity is the only power we’ve got to succeed.’’


I remember sometime in December I met this girl called Zainab na in na me Angel
She used to love and I used to love her cause she’s my first love
she was always by my side, has never ever made me cry
na in na the girl wey dey make me smile, the kinda girl of my dreams
We promised to be together,forever and ever
but wan day e kam me way,with a funny look on her face
and when i ask me Angel why,she said because she came to say good bye
cause tomorrow she’ll be travelling, e say e dey go na London
Then she told me to be stronger,e promised me say e go call
it’s been six years since she left,i haven’t heard her voice

I am going out, am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out,am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out,am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out,am going out, ooh ooh ooh going out to look for me ANGEL

Verse 2:
Now am sitting at this place, ar just dae think about her pretty face
And all the things that we used to do, including how I used to kiss her pretty lips
But right now I am so lonely, and e don tay e still never call me
I don’t know why I had to let her go when this is the time that I need her most
I can’t sleep without me Angel, I can’t stop missing me Angel
And I can’t go on without me Angel, na in na the uman for me
So right now I just can’t help it, and I don’t know how to fight it
All I need na me Angel right here
So I think man I got to go

I am going out, am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out, am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out, am going out, going out to look for me ANGEL
I am going out, am going out, ooh ooh ooh going out to look for me ANGEL

Please tell me mama
Tell am say ar don go
Ar don go London to look for me Angel
Please tell me papa say
Tell am say ar don go
Ar don go London to look for me Angel
Tell Dj Boxx say,tell am say ar don go
Ar don go London to look for me Angel

Back to Chorus till end.

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