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Doctors and nursing sisters threaten with prejudice

Doctors and nursing sisters threaten with prejudice

“When beggars die there are no comments seen, the heavens blaze forth the death of a Princess”, so said Shakespeare.

The world all over, people get sick and die when their time is up.

Not even the best doctor or best set of medicines can stop God’s will.

Despite this fact, it has been confirmed that a lady had given birth in a different environment with raptured spleen and serious bleeding.

Doctors at the Princess Christiana Maternity Hospital (PCMH), who did not even see her nor were even consulted about Kadie Sesay’s (deceased) precarious case, are about to be harassed and sent on forced leave owing to reasons that the deceased is a relative of the Minister of Health, Zainab Bangura.

This, it is said, has created bitter blood in minds of many, especially, to workers at the Foreign Affairs ministry; calling it a complete “bully”.

Decent administrative principles demand that a person is to be firstly investigated and then punished if found wanting.

To the Minister of Health it is in the reverse; indeed typical of Sierra Leonean Minister.

“Haja,” the minister shouts as she anxiously flexes her muscle as usual. Pretending as if her so-called relative would not have died even without providing the blood required.

Observers believe that such high-handed move by a Minister of government must not be encouraged as it is all selfishness.

Despite the lack of experienced and qualified Gynecologists at the PCMH, it is on the lips of people that the Minister is making moves of stopping senior medical practitioners serving the people of this country.

This ganged up plan is all the making of the impulsive Minister and her HRMO accomplices.

Now patients at PCMH are observed openly weeping.

Doctors and nurses are appalled at what they see to be nothing but abuse of power.

Observers believe that unless His Excellency the president and or the head of Civil Service quickly intervenes, wicked people will succeed to destabilize our health care system; a thing the President Koroma and his Vice have had time to make possible.

Furthermore, these questions come to mind.

Why did the minister not advise her relative to first go to the hospital to deliver her baby and then utilize the free health care system instead of rushing to Kinghammer Road Hospital when it was late?

Why for Heaven’s sake must Minister Zainab Bangura and Dr. Dawo start targeting hardworking and experienced medicos to satisfy their whims and caprices?

Is there no protection for hard-working civil servants, be they doctors or not who have already been prejudged wrongly by a bunch of jokers even before proper investigation?

With elections just around the corner, such naked abuse of peoples’ right must be cautioned because it has the tendency to undermine our hard-won peace and make the Government unpopular as a result of jealousy and infighting.

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