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President Koroma’s indisputable progress: no more dragging Sierra Leone into oblivion

President Koroma’s indisputable progress: no more dragging Sierra Leone into oblivion

In this our generation we have come to witness the Good, Bad and Ugly. By now we should be able to choose, and surely every sane person would go for the GOOD. The good thing that has ever happened to Sierra Leone is the Almighty God has giving us a leader like Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. He has proven among all previous leaders, that he has a mandate to fulfill for the people of Sierra Leone and seriously has the country at heart.  (Photo: Dr. Augustine Kamara, author)

From day one of his presidency he has tirelessly worked to make a good Sierra Leone for all Sierra Leoneans. This is because it is Sierra Leone we equally have as Sierra Leoneans. No matter whether you come from, North, South, East, or West we all must raise the banner high and adore as we sing and proclaim in the opening sentence of our national anthem. Yet, we have a free agency to choose what we want. I guess the freedom of our choices gives us the spirit of nationalism, but equally important we should be faithful, truthful and realistic to ourselves and protect our country.

Sierra Leone is rising from the ashes of a decade of a brutal and highly destructive war which was perpetrated by both foreigners and internal enemies of the state. For the most part all viable infrastructures were decimated leaving the country with nothing but abject poverty. After the war the government of the day had the support and sympathy of the international community in terms of finance and security to heal the wounds of the country and the people. Unfortunately, that government squandered that opportunity given to it and in two lamentable terms were busy plundering the nations wealth and corruption of all types reached its maximum height. Vital statistics reached its maximum-the highest infant and maternity mortality rates. Lifespan or longevity put to thirty four years.

Members of that government were busy amassing the nation’s wealth, lands and other properties. Thus, Sierra Leone became the poorest nation in the world with members of that government pocketing millions of dollars from the nation’s mineral wealth while Sierra Leoneans are dying of hunger, disease and neglect. With the arrival of the new government of Dr. Ernest B. Koroma a new dawn arrived for Sierra Leone and its people. His vision for the country took a different direction. He embarked on the politics of tolerance; he formulated and encouraged a government of national inclusion from all corners of the country, a policy you will find ranging from ambassadorial to ministerial posts. Freedom of speech, religion and democratic governance has become the hallmark of his government.

On the infrastructure, President Koroma is revamping all motor roads and building access roads.  As he mentioned in his inaugural speech, he is running the country as a business and has embarked on restoring energy within the first one hundred days.   He transformed Freetown the capital from being the darkest city in the world to a lively night club city from the Bumbuna hydro electric source.

These energy sources encourage tourism and the sprouting of mining companies around the country. With peace and tranquility, the country enjoys peace and stability and a favorable atmosphere for investment is assured for all investors.  President Obama of the United States in an open forum of the United Nations enticed the world to do business in Sierra Leone.

Accountability and transparency is the new page of the attitudinal change. Fueled by the astute young Attorney Mr. Abdul Tejan Cole left no sacred cows in pursuit of the truth and hammering away of 419ers from public offices. The footprints of Mr. Cole are now vigorously continued in clamping down and indicting people in public offices that still want to use government office and free-ride public funds. Gone are the days “Man dae watch” attitudinal changes. A lot of bickering is going in the media with politicking trying to down play the steadfastness of President Koroma.  Some political opponents and their cohorts funnily enough are detractors  that are well known to the public that have held public offices or have usurped power either through the barrel of a gun and left the country in its impoverish state.

Yet with blood stained hands and their kleptomaniac (Ali BaBa and the forty thieves) desires still have the illusionary vision of vying to rule Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans are not ready to wait for forty years before speaking their minds. No! Perhaps the best Sierra Leone can do is to give you an emergency referral to Dr Nahim the only Psychiatrist in Sierra Leone to treat them for grandiosity with paranoachal syndromes.

As electioneering draws near, many monkey tricks are becoming apparent by crook politicians. The message to all the belligerent politicians is very clear-even if you are worth a billion dollars that you acquired dubiously many Sierra Leoneans will chop it from you. Sierra Leone of today is different from yesterday under the stewardship of Ernest Koroma. It will not allow anyone again to drag the nation into oblivion. If you were a warlord before, now is the time for repentance for loss of innocent lives caused by your folly. It is appalling to note what Sierra Leoneans committed to fellow Sierra Leoneans because of hatred to the point of burning them alive.  Unbelievable! The same quack politicians and merciless killers still want to come with the Ghadaffi syndrome?  No way, not when we are gaining a pace of progress and development through President Koroma’s initiative in just one term in office.   God willing Sierra Leone will continue to thrive under his second term in office because he has shown us our liberty freedom and justice. His progress in Sierra Leone and good model of Leadership is indisputable and uncontestable.

By Dr. Augustine A. Kamara, Virginia, USA

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  • GOOD things always happen to Sierra Leone under the APC lead Government!

    God blessed us with Late Siaka Steven God annoited us with Late J.S. Momoh.
    God put us through the decades old one party dictatorial ,brutal ISU Mafanta Detention/stateof emergency rule.

    God has finally given us the mesaih-in-waitng to deliver us from the carnages/ revages and ugly memories of the 11 year civil war for which Presidet Tejan-Kabbah did little to redeam the situation even though he stayed in power for nearly 11 years under the SLPP.
    May President Ernest Koroma reign FOREVER!!!

    11th March 2011

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