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A wretched betrayal

A wretched betrayal

Regular readers of the Standard Times newspaper must be aware that over the years there has been no love lost between the owner/publisher Philip Neville and myself.  He either fabricates false stories about me, stories which have no foundation at all, or publishes with great relish unsubstantiated or hearsay stories about me. One such which several people advised me to ignore was that I had seduced my own sister from her husband and fathered a son with her. He is an expert at forging documents and doctoring photographs, which an inept IMC, the chairman of whose complaints committee doubles as the chairman of Neville’s Star radio says is not a criminal act because his employer has never been convicted in a court. Even when the IMC found him guilty of falsifying letters and signatures in order to discredit the SLPP, and imposed a fine on him with orders to apologies to the SLPP, Neville simply ignored them after describing them as gluttonous and money hungry people.  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

Of late he has taken delight in publishing stupid articles about me from the Honourable Tamba Bobor-Sawyer, erstwhile SLPP Member of Parliament and now a deputy minister in the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma. The latest of such articles is one which alleges that I am the father of all Mrs. Comfort Kabbah’s children and that there is a case about that pending in the local court in Kissi Tongi. This latter matter will be pursued by me this time and vigorously too.

I was therefore curious when I saw a pleasant and smiling photograph of me in the Wednesday March 9th edition of the Standard Times newspaper which was soon followed by a true reproduction of a letter that I and my colleagues had addressed to the national chairman of the SLPP, John Benjamin. The letter contained the signatures of my colleagues and myself and was shared only among us and Mr. Benjamin. But there it was in the Standard Times newspaper, which again has nothing, complimentary or constructive to say about our party. The wonder is how the Standard Times laid hands on that letter. I recall an afternoon when my colleagues and I called on Mr. Benjamin who opened his statement with what we called an outrageous allegation and were very indignant about it. And now much to the chagrin of J O B and to all intents and purposes he was right.

It is common to have traitors even among nations, fugitives who would for whatever reason betray their country or their company to its opponents thereby putting their compatriots or colleagues at risk. Has the SLPP got such self-seeking animals or moles among us? Is that the reason why a lot of our decisions get to Old Railway line even before they are disseminated among our membership? If these were just disgruntled but genuine elements of our party, are newspapers which are hostile to us the repository for their grouses? Apart from our official UNITY mouthpiece, could these malcontents not have gone to any or all of the several newspapers which are fair with us? Have they so easily forgotten the havoc that Philip Neville unleashed on us on the eve of the 2007 elections with his falsehood on the Libyan rice? Or are we dealing with paid enemy agents who have surreptitiously sneaked among us? Is this the way any decent human being must behave? It may be that money does actually change hands but I would be the first to deny that. It happens to be the way some people are made; they would stop at nothing to betray their very mothers for political expediency.

Of course there can be no doubt about Philip Neville’s own motive and that is to use every means fair or foul, but mostly the latter to damage the SLPP, and this time by creating discontent and disaffection between John Benjamin and the general membership of the party. But in this he will fail miserably. By his forthright approach to the ruling APC, by his vigilance and his commitment to our party in practical terms, John Benjamin has so endeared himself to the general membership, that any challenge to his leadership is bound to fail. In addition the on-going court case between thee party and Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbie has if anything united the party more than ever before. From reports coming in the on-going constituency elections in most parts of the country appear to be very peaceful. We are not daunted by conspiracies. The SLPP will continue to work assiduously to victory in 2012, SHARP 12.

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