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2012 will be crucial for parliamentary competitors

2012 will be crucial for parliamentary competitors

Sweet mouthed politicians, in the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, gave hopeful promises to the electorates in Sierra Leone.  Almost 80% of persons voted for as Parliamentary representatives have had no acquaintance to the electorates, but clinched votes owing to party colours and woeful promises made.

As Sierra Leone’s election calendar draws near, ridiculed and disappointed electorates have vomited injustices of unscrupulous Sierra Leonean politicians.

“Now we know politicians come to us when it is time for elections. 2012 is a different case and we will not allow any politician play on our intelligence,” disgruntled voters say.

To this, rest concerns of the ordinary voters, who undoubtedly, avowed not yielding to sugar coated words of politicians!

It is a fact that the bulk of Sierra Leoneans go to bed with a hungry stomach.

Of course, hardship has taken over homes in of the poor and needy.

Unemployment is seemingly the order of the day.

As for corruption, it is everywhere and has had serious repercussions to the economy of Sierra Leone.

It could be recalled that President Koroma’s appointed Director of Attitudinal Change, Philip Conteh, was recently frog marched into the wells of Sierra Leone’s High Court to answer to 18 counts of corruption charges.

To Sierra Leoneans, it was virtually a shame that the head of change could have his hands dipped into corruption.

Findings have it that the bulk of persons serving as members in the House of Parliament are practical failures.

Of course, it is no gain saying that most of whom are Members of Parliament have had no time to visit constituencies they represent, rather queued bars and hotels on extravaganza sprees.

Reflections must be drawn to the series of promises made to the electorates by almost all of whom serving as MPs in the house of Parliament.

Be it spoken loud that politicians in Sierra Leone come together with the electorates when it is time for elections.

It is becoming an unmentionable, unthinkable and unquestionable observable fact that Sierra Leonean politicians are inconsiderate to issues of national concern.

All of what they meditate and put to practicality is amassing wealth; sending their children to European countries and jolly rendezvous of expensive hotels and bars on extravaganza binges.

While homes of the electorates cry hardship and hunger, politicians are seen driving very costly Jeeps on streets of Freetown.

Allow me stop at this point, but quickly say it loud that the electorates have vowed to either quit voting or make informed considerations come 2012.

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  • I tell you Isatu that we have heard this rhetoric millions of times when elections are approaching. The Sierra Leone Politicians are masters at the game of fooling the people. Take Fourah Bay area constituency, do you think the vast majority of people in that constituency will vote a slpp or PMDC candidate. No! They would vote definitely the APC candidate even if he does not know the area he is contesting for. This is the mentality of Sierra Leonean unfortunately. Had it been the case where electorates votes on issues and not Party or tribe or region, Junior Navo who before 2007 was so instrumental to the development of that constituency, would not have lost to the present Parliamentarian. So forget it, the voting pattern would be the same as it has always been and this time round with another impetus, force and intimidation.

    9th March 2011

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