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Skye Bank’s Olatunjie – like the proverbial bad penny

Skye Bank’s Olatunjie – like the proverbial bad penny

Skye Bank’s Olatunjie keeps turning up, like the bad penny.  Is he the new Khadafy of Skye Bank.  Why won’t he just go?  We thought he was gone for good last week, but alas, he turned up back again at Lungi on Arik Air.

His ranting is beginning to resemble that of a popular afro-Arab ‘leader’, who doesn’t know when the time is up for his ‘seemingly’ endless deals’.

News reaching our desks indicates that the erstwhile Bank Manager is expecting his boss to jet in from Nigeria on Tuesday this week, probably to sort out the impasse that has developed over the office of the managing director.

Olatunjie is alleged to have ordered the newly posted MD out of ‘his’ office.  Refusing to give up either the office or the official accommodation, Olatunjie is sitting pat, daring anyone to touch him.  The new chap had no choice but to retreat to his hotel room at Bintumani Hotel and await further instructions.

It appears the overall CEO might be able to solve the problem of this apparent miscreant during or after their annual general meeting.  We may be in for some revelations.  What type of power do employees have in the Ogar republic, where they can refuse to be posted or re-posted and even order the new person out of the office?

Bankers have complained loudly about the fact that Olatunjie is simply giving bankers, especially Nigerian bankers, a bad name in this country.  It is thought he has strong support from the local board, who would want to see him remain, thought they have no real solution to his multiplicity of problems.

What is the position of the Bank of Sierra Leone on this guy, who seems more like a hapless manager than anything else?

We read with amusement attempts by some tabloids to defend Olatunjie.  One of them I’m sure was joking when he said Olatunjie will easily find work in another bank in Nigeria, but if the bank is destroyed, it will be Sierra Leoneans who suffer loss of jobs.  Are you actually serious?  Have they equated Olatunjie to the bank’s worth?  Or are they saying when someone is so hopelessly incompetent, he should be left to wallow in his incompetence for the sake of our peoples’ jobs?  Well, we’ve got news for you; sooner or later the cock will come home to roost.  Those jobs will inevitably be lost because this sort of incompetence is certainly going to lead the bank into its own waterloo.

Financial sector observers are watching the unfolding situation in Skye Bank Serra Leone.  We will all be affected if the bank shuts down, for sure.  But, I can tell you for free, we will all be affected if it does not.

By Abdulai Kamara

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