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Egypt (UMU DUNIA): Mother of the world and cradle of civilization

Egypt (UMU DUNIA): Mother of the world and cradle of civilization

UMU DUNIA – literally means mother of the world. Writing from a social perspective and being a graduate of Egypt and to all who have sojourned through the various institutions of Egypt will almost agree to that caption.  The pyramids at Giza, a suburb of Cairo the capital of Egypt is a symbol of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Biblically speaking, in the center of Cairo, near the holy Mosque of Alahzar is Hala near the beautiful city of Moqattam overlooking the Citadel,  one would also find the well, where Joseph was thrown into, by his jealous brothers. In MATTARIA HELMAT AL- ZAITOON another Cairo suburban city, one would find a church depicting a site where Mary was said to have sat, to take rest with her child, one of the holy prophets JESUS CHRIST May peace be upon him.  (Photo: Dr. Augustine Kamara)

From ancient times of the shadoof method of agriculture to its ancient civilization Egypt and the Mesopotamia to present day of Africa soccer champions, Egypt is one of the best countries in Africa and the Arab world to live. Apart from its beauty from Aswan to Alexandria and to the Suez Canal a gateway to the Indian Ocean, Egypt enjoys all type of climate, a sign you will find in her people, and also find from an Egyptian adage that says “in your kind there are thousands’. It is a metropolitan, not only to the Arab world and Africa, but to Europe and the entire globe. Her love for peace stands as a beacon in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Considering Egypt as my second home, I was very skeptical or rather filled with fear when the recent wave of revolution spilled to Egypt from Tunisia.  Egypt is a country where politics is no child’s play.  As a student I have always distanced myself from Egyptian politics, because I would have disappeared from the planet earth a long time ago. I kept praying that a solution be achieved with minimal or no destruction of lives and property. Thank goodness, my prayers are now answered but what really prompted me to write and what lesson has Egypt a mighty nation sent to the world?

Egypt is a center of learning and civilization with a high level of tolerance of humanity Her cradle of civilization has seen it through surviving the trials and tribulations of time, yet with a gradual evolution of patience and understanding and resolve, she cleverly outwit the ‘medusa’ politics of Egypt with minimal losses from all angles of the social milieu.  Kudos to all Egyptians from the armed forces to civil societies.  With the same token of maturity and unity you have shown in ousting a long standing regime, I hope you will be wise and patient enough in setting the apparatus of democracy you all crave for. You have proven indeed to be UMU DUNIA please continue in that noble path the world is watching.

Now to the rest of the world, there are lessons to learn from Egypt, there is a limit to every substance and man cannot live forever.  The world is becoming unsustainable and everyone has a duty to recycle it back to sustainability.  Amassing a nation’s wealth via dictatorship would reach a limit and a breaking point and the nation would cry foul. Let us put humanity in preponderance of money and improve our social justice and human liberties.  As the adage goes “You can fool the people sometimes but you cannot fool them all of the time.  Let’s remember VOX POPULAE VOX DEI -The voice of the people is the voice of GOD.  Let the dictators of the world learn a lesson from the wave of protests around the world that, there is no room to sustain them.  Release the monies you stashed in foreign banks to help in fighting pollution around the world.  We need clean environments, clean water, and more research to eradicate disease and poverty and provide more institutions of learning, more scholarship, more health institutions and reasonable free health care.  Emulate the footsteps of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and many other humanitarians so that we can make the world a better place. Stay tuned for more on world social issues

By Dr. Augustine A. Kamara, Virginia, USA

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