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In 1991, Kenneth Kaunda who ruled Zambia for 27 years became the first African Head of State to concede defeat in a multi-party elections in which he lost

Many would see the seeming “revolution” that is unfolding right before our eyes in Zimbabwe as long overdue. But there can be no running away from the fact

Zambia’s youngest mayor urges youth to get active in politics For many young people in Africa, a university degree opens the door to a decent job and a comfortable

Is changing the constitution and staying in power beyond term limits a show of love for one’s country or just a way of ignoring the voice of the

Charles Francis Margai, for most Sierra Leoneans can best be described with two known adjectives: a learned legal luminary and politician.  While he may have a lot of

Until two decades ago football games were the most heated contests in most of Africa. Then came the era of competitive elections. From the beginning, the electoral game

Guinea's President Alpha Conde has pardoned 17 opposition activists jailed for taking part in an illegal rally in April.  (Photo: Guinea's President Alpha Conde has promised to heal

With a roaring cheer the people of South Sudan welcomed the newest nation in the world on July 9. Couples embraced and men cried as the new national

The recent ousting of the former president of Ivory Coast, Lauren Gbagbo has exposed the ill-fated decisions taken by some of our African presidents. Regardless of his intransigence