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Mrs. Gloria Coker, a Sierra Leonean citizen has died in Cairo, Egypt as reportedly suffering from brain injury which hospital sources have qualified as brain cancer. Mrs. Coker who

As a soccer enthusiast and a one time a footballer, I am compelled to write on recent events of disaster of soccer violence in Port Saiid. Egypt. Egypt, known

1833 RESULT Sierra Leone have beaten Egypt 2-1 and that's the end of the Pharaohs as African Champions. They cannot make it to the finals of the Nations

UMU DUNIA - literally means mother of the world. Writing from a social perspective and being a graduate of Egypt and to all who have sojourned through the

Now that Mubarak is refusing to go, it is obvious that there will be more questions than answers. The horse trading and political recycling can now begin in

Two weeks ago in Egypt, you would have thought that the only remaining supporters of Hosni Mubarak were his children, his wife and a few hangers-on. The ongoing

The people of Egypt have been calling for the resignation of Mubarak for the past month, but what has been missing is what replaces Mubarak’s regime. It is

The political impasse that has festered in Egypt and continues to do so as the region has left Western governments scratching their heads and wondering whether to stick

Change is the essence of life. This is more so, if you are willing to surrender what you are for what you could become. It is also unquestionable,