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Nurses Celebrate Education Success and Birthday Bash

Nurses Celebrate Education Success and Birthday Bash

Theresa Jalloh, a fifty year old woman was honored by her husband, Mr. Amadu Jalloh, at the Hotel Holiday Inn Express in Plano, Texas, on Saturday January 29th.  This was the second celebration of a similar nature within three weeks since the begging of this year 2011 when nurses celebrated simultaneously their birthday and educational accomplishment.  (Photo:  Mr Amadu Jalloh and his wife Theresa Jalloh take to the dance floor)

Alhaji Sesay,a  former Diamond Stars player opened the year in two weeks back by surprising his African-American wife with a big party in a contemporary affection for  the 43rd birthday of his wife, Vicky Sesay and her graduation as Registered nurse.

The Jalloh family, friends and relatives stormed the hotel to celebrate the happy times by raising their glasses with cheers to celebrate with the graduate, Theresa.  She brought to a successful end a two year’s program to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in just one year.

Despite having being a Registered Nurse (RN), Mrs. Jalloh believes that it would be an advantage for her now that nursing is moving towards being an all graduate profession.  She said that, it was not an easy task, working in a full-time job and schooling at the same time, but because she remained so steadfast in her  challenges,  entering into the graduate world seemed to have acquired her all the best to succeed.

The Jalloh family

Theresa explained how family bonding with strong ties to each member is so important.   It is not something that just happened to their family like that, but it was all encouragement from each others, she said. Hitherto, she had placed no one under obligation to be grateful but her beloved husband, Amadu Jalloh, who seemingly played a keen role in her accomplishment.  She described her husband to be a man of mission, and one who has an ability of willingness to suppress restlessness.

In his statement, Mr. Jalloh highlighted some of the historical background of his relationship with Theresa and illustrated some of his wife’s remarkable traits that he believes has lead them to their successful family.  Even though it was not easy to buy the affection of Theresa in view of marriage Mr. Jalloh said, he was able to overcome the hurdles and wooed her into a final end of married.  From then, and up to this time, “Theresa has always given me the hope that we can become morally virtuous partners,” Mr. Jalloh ascertained.  The Jalloh family are blessed with four children, three boys and a girl.

Mr & Mrs Jalloh's four children enjoying the celebration

Mr. Amadu Jalloh is a very popular man; many have described him as a skillful outdoors man, an excellent community man who is well known in the Dallas Fort Worth area and even beyond.  He is believed to be a leader of all seasons, and is committed to several organizations. Because of his sharp intellect, he has held key positions in all the organizations he belongs to. Some people describe him as an inquisitive adventurer who cares deeply to promote the image of our country, Sierra Leone.

Mr & Mrs Amadu Jalloh

At the jam, the party hall was distinctly decorated with golden ribbons as shown in the costumes of Mr. and Mrs. Jalloh. Most of the women who graced the occasion were culturally attractive and the feeling of the party was like homecoming, fancy and fun.  The DJ, David Kessebeh, began to play, a stirring and almost haunting melody of African rhythm that filled the hall soon after the speeches ended and endorsed by the Master of Ceremony (MC), Nanette Thomas.

The MC,  Nanette Thomas a vibrant politician and also one of the community leaders in the metro, has recently been placed in the spotlight to be a sound soothing Master of Ceremony, a position she endeavors to step in only in a very important segment.  She keeps the celebration well moving by presenting to the celebrants an anecdote which emerged from our cultural heritage with religious tolerance. Sierra Leoneans do not have any ills of social alienation in terms of religions, Nanette addressed the celebrants. The party ended at 4:00 a.m. the following day without any intrusion.

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas online Correspondent

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