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The Hardship is Killing Homes

The Hardship is Killing Homes

Public’s unreserved protest lays emphasis of disappointment over the untold, uncontrolled and uncalled for hike in the prices of basic commodities.

Findings say residents of Freetown are unhappy with incidences of price rise and have vowed to withhold votes come 2012, should the ‘hardship’ continue.

It is becoming glaring though that many homes go without food for days and some weeks in every month.

A civil servant was spotted as saying that “he could not afford to buy a bag of rice owing to its high cost.”

“A bag of rice is a huge chunk of  my salary. It is a challenge buying just a bag, trust me, me and my family will go hungry for weeks,” he said. 

Sparkling most are bubbles of raw revelations by supporters of the ruling APC, who they say sees government’s concentrations on infrastructure as unfounded and a complete waste of money.

The acknowledgment of grievances of Sierra Leoneans on the issue of ‘hardship’ apparently explains all out disgruntlement.

It is indisputable and glaring though that the APC government seemed heartless on issues of tax imposition.  It concentrates on commanding the presence and unshakable imposition of piles of taxes at the expense of society thus the advent of what is felt in bones of the poor/vulnerable; ‘hardship’ to the highest degree.

Kernel figures state that the bulk of the population of Sierra Leone sleeps, eats, and swims in poverty.

Government’s ventures on the supply of power and the construction of over 20 roads, carries the traits of no good vision, but one that wallops the economy of a state.

It is revealed however that good number of the electorates see the APC as making ‘political’ gains, yet falling short of ‘socio economic’ gains.

Yes, in three years of governance, the APC has secured light for residents of Freetown.

It is also observed as making frantic efforts in the extension and rehabilitation of roads.

Regretting though is the fact that the bulk of Sierra Leoneans go to bed hungry while politicians patrol bars on extravaganza sprees.

Findings say market women complained of hardship and attribute same to the wretched and uncalled for imposition of a mixture of taxes by respective government institutions.

“Politicians are wicked. When they need your vote, they will bring sugar coated words,” Mabinty who sells at Sani Abacha Street fumed.

It brings to mind recent revelations that Sierra Leone government has incurred a debt of USD 722 million.

And that money in coffers of Sierra Leone’s account has been drained off and is allegedly diverted to infrastructure- road construction.

Just last week, Sierra Leoneans, in their numbers, took part in a phoning in programme aired and moderated by Universal radio FM 98.7.

The debate brings out dissatisfaction revealing government’s glaring ignorance of the ‘hardship’ that pinches society generally.

Callers, in sequence, blamed wheelers of the ruling APC for paying less or no attention to sufferings of the ordinary people.

It is presumed that the arrival of what is today ‘GST’ goods and services tax, is the foundation and underpinning reason for the uncontrolled and unrestricted hike in the prices of market commodities.

From what is vividly observed, you need not go to Aiamtech or IPAM to be able to calculate what befalls Sierra Leone in the years to come.

It is glaring though that if things continue like this, society will soon change diet; from rice to ‘gary’ as staple food.

Read more details next issue.

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  • Mr. Editor. Do YOU THINK Sierra Leone is the only country with food price rise and hardship. Are you really listening to world news or world business news. IF NO -then keep quite. Do your best and write on how we can move forward. forget about 2012 votes to be witheld by your fake thinking. APC don’t think about elections this time round They are planning about development in Sierra Leone (period) You can go crushing your heads in the walls of the stadium to gain power once more – Good for you. If I may also ask, Do you want to bring back the dark days of the SLpp rule?. Some of you so called journalist don’t think wisely. How callous are you to think like that and even to preach about taxation. Taxation is a natural course. Every grown up human being must pay tax(whatever form). So try and keep your cool.iod Mr. Editor, You might be one of our tax evaders in Sierra leone. Beware, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. SLpp has ruled us for years and what did we achieved with all the international aids from all corners of the world and you have the guts to cry down the three years APC rule, Shame on you.

    17th February 2011

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