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Hakuna Matata – Skye Bank

Hakuna Matata – Skye Bank

Girls girls girls everywhere.  Reports reaching us indicate the extramarital affairs within the bank may be on the way to breaking up many homes.   A customer’s wife once asked me if I knew a particular lady who worked at Skye bank.  I replied no, simply because I couldn’t put a name to the myriad of girls you come across in that bank.  I found out much later that the question was being asked of me because the customer’s wife suspected that her husband was having an affair with the lady in question.  She went on and on about how unfaithful men were until I found an excuse to escape.  Needless to say, I’ve avoided that sort of conversation since then.

However, when leaked cables came our way, indicating that girls were writing letters to Skye Bank head office, reporting illicit affairs, we had to reexamine the trend.

Skye Bank has been well known for the beauty of their women folk.  Their CEO was once quoted as saying that there is a good reason why men are attracted into their banking halls.  We as journalist draw the line where employees take advantage of their female staff in unacceptable ways – like using them to attract men into your banking hall.  It gets even worse if a bank takes advantage of female sexuality and senior managers have intimate relationships with employees or juniors in exchange for job security and/or financial gain.

It might also happen that employers also encourage their employees to enter into physical relationships with customers.  One such customer, a Nigerian businessman is currently in court with his partners, and is popularly known for physically running after female bank staff, who visit customers offices to collect cash deposits.

Senior officers within the bank are apparently also jostling for places in the hearts of the ladies, attached, unattached, married, remarried…

The office normally is a good place to meet new people, a fertile ground for colleagues to hit it off.  BUT the impact of those relationships on the general performance of the bank can be…complicated.  Most office affairs within banks degenerate into scandals.  These relationships are likely to adversely affect productivity, especially where the organization already has a history of being problematic.   In addition, other staff will form opinions about such relationships, which may undermine and distract different teams.  Office relationships in one branch banks might become a mine field.  Ethics and communications, potentially legal issues, controversies about unfair treatment.

Apart from these hard issues, there is also the effect on staff morale, where some staff avoid or malice each other and camps begin to form if the couples split up.

Hakuna matata is what Skye Bank says. What do they actually mean?

Abdulai Kamara, Freetown

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