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NASSIT Flouts Procurement Laws… Exempting Edmund Koroma, 3 others, is nonsensical of ACC

NASSIT Flouts Procurement Laws… Exempting Edmund Koroma, 3 others, is nonsensical of ACC

In findings of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), it is confirmed that Edmund Koroma, while acting as NASSIT Director General, flouted procurement laws in carrying out the purchase of two rotten ferries.

“NASSIT flouted the procurement regulations in conducting these transactions in number of respects,” words as in recommendations of ACC’s pages of report on the investigation of the NASSIT boats.

It is revealed though that NASSIT, in totality, used US$ 2.100 million euros to purchase two rotten boats- Le 8-9 billion in equivalent.

Facts gathered say Edmund Koroma and others have prior consciousness of structural inadequacies of boats Bai Bureh and Masimera (outdated and archaic), but inconsiderately used contributions of poor Sierra Leoneans to purchase same.

In statements of officers attached to the procurement office at NASSIT, it is stated that the procurement unit was never involved in the process to authorize the purchase of the boats.

Could not such be taken to mean serious violation in laws as stated in the 2008 ACC Act?

It is so because Edmund and others have no reason exempting procurement officers from taking part in the process leading to the corrupt purchase of rotten boats.

The oddities, as seen, showed up just after the release of a press statement by the ACC, informing Sierra Leoneans that 4 former NASSIT officials have been compelled to make repayment of Le 2 billions paid for, for the purchase of two rotten boats.

To Sierra Leoneans, it was expected of the ACC to equally proffer criminal charges against all 4 culprits rather compelled them make repayment.

Baffling though was ACC’s unfounded and uncalled for action to exempting Edmund Koroma, Gibril Saccoh, Ibrahim Bah and Mamoud Idris, who according to findings, recklessly flouted procurement rules.

Had not the ACC dragged the likes of Afsatu Kabba, Allieu Sesay, Sheku Tejan Koroma, etc for merely flouting procurement rules?

It sounds sabotage that officials of ACC could boorishly exempt Edmund Koroma, others, for committing an offence that borders on corruption.

It must be noted that Ministers have been made to climb stairs of the high courts to answer to corruption charges for merely violating procurement laws.

Public reveals displeasure of Sierra Leoneans over ACC’s woeful disregard for laws of this country; exempting Sierra Leone’s Financial Secretary, Edmund Koroma, others, appear in the well of high court to answer to corruption charges.

Phoning in programmes monitored indicate that Sierra Leoneans are unhappy with the decision of ACC – and have called it a complete violation of the President’s stance on ‘zero tolerance on corruption.’

Recollections must be drawn to ACC’s uncompromised prosecution of senior and respectful officials of society.

Unconfirmed information reaching this press indicates that ACC’s decision for a ‘settlement out of court’ and the ‘repayment of the sum of Le 2 billion’ came owing to pressures from the above.

It must be noted though that the former ACC boss, Abdul Tejan Cole, quit office due to alleged political interferences.

Facts, as in drawers of the ACC, point out that Edmund Koroma, Gibril Saccoh, Ibrahim Bah and Mamoud Idris neglectfully violated procurement rules.

“Boat Masimera, between 17th July and 29th August was paid for – 1,160,000 euros; and between 3rd September and 1st December 2008, the total sum of 362,335 euros was paid for repairs,” the report says.

Ads: “boat Bai Bureh was fully paid for between 8th August and 3rd September 2008, at a cost stated 940.000 euros.”

By the aforementioned quotes, it is apparent that monies totaling 2.1M euros was paid unchecked to owners of the rotten boats by cabalists of NASSIT.

Survey conducted reveals that Edmund Koroma, who doubles as Financial Secretary, if continue to act in such capacity, may not work in the interest of Sierra Leone.

It is also viewed that the action of officials of the ACC to have culprits make repayment is a complete ‘bias.’

That Edmund and others inattentively, if not corruptly, misused monies in coffers of NASSIT.

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