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Anti Corruption’s wretched exoneration of Sierra Leone’s Financial Secretary and three others speak ‘biases’ of an institution charged to transmit and prevent the occurrence of corruption in society. Recently,

Public’s concerns say the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) must be taken to task for providing a safe haven for Sierra Leone’s Financial Secretary and 3 others. Voices of the

In findings of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), it is confirmed that Edmund Koroma, while acting as NASSIT Director General, flouted procurement laws in carrying out the purchase

While Sierra Leoneans shed tears for the government's inability to place honest, competent and upright individuals in public positions, mouths of elites all the time go busy, discussing

The NASSIT ferry saga is still being discussed in the court of public opinion. Trials are still ongoing and from the look of things the ACC has first

An insider  in the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), speaking to this writer on condition of strict anonymity, disclosed that the decision to have an ex ship captain as

The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) was established by the government of Sierra Leone through the Act of Parliament 2001 for  the ‘retirement and other benefits

Prior, to, and immediately after the  end of  the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Sierra Leone’s Inspector-General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara came under serious attack from the

Over the years,  I have developed the  habit of trying to read most of the newspapers published daily in Freetown.  I not only read the news items, but,