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“Hardship Overtakes Freetown” Freetonians say

“Hardship Overtakes Freetown” Freetonians say

Random findings indicate how residents of Freetown complain of adversity over the continued hike in the price of foodstuffs.

Our reporter, last week, visited respective markets at the east and west end of Freetown, to ascertain the cost of prices of basic victuals/cooking stuffs.

Persons he spoke to say they’ve been experiencing ‘hell’ to stay alive.

“My brother, my husband is a civil servant. He is paid a pittance at the round of every month. Even to buy a bag of rice we could not,” Madam Mabinty Koroma said.

“What frightens minds of all is the uncontrolled rise in the price of basic food commodities.”

According to our reporter, the price of rice is now at Le 130,000 per bag (the least) and Le 800 per butter cup.

Palm oil Le 120,000 per batta – Le 2,000 per pint, salt Le 700 per butter cup, meat Le 12,000 per pound, cassava leaf Le 300- 2,000 per tie, magi (jumbo cube) Le 300 per cube, onion Le 1,000 and above, etc.

Prices as aforementioned depict how awful, arduous and uncalled for is the situation of housewives and low earners of Freetown.

It is confirmed that a good number of households go without food three/four days in the week.

Many homes are said to have had problems of separation and unfaithfulness (wives to their husbands) due to hardship or while on food finding sprees.

Our sources say that the hike of food stuff has been the reason leading to Sierra Leone’s continued cry of hardship.

Some parents say they have been left without option, but to allow their kids to sell cold water, yoghurt ice and ginger beer to enable them to financially support their homes in terms of feeding.

It must be recalled that the underage children, despite City Council’s threats of arresting them, insist on plying streets and highways of Freetown to sell funny items for their parents.

Also, market women are reportedly not happy with the manner in which the dollar keeps increasing, stating that “it is because of the untold hike in the price of the dollar that Sierra Leoneans continue to go through hardship.”

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  • Babson Kolleh, I don’t see any blame of the government in the article. A word for the wise – read before you speak.

    19th January 2011
  • Mr. Editor or contributor, If you were sleeping and just woke up from your twenty years in absence, then here is your breaking news. HARDSHIP or HARD TIMES is all over the globe. Of course places like the United States, Europe, Asia etc are facing the same hard times and is written all over the walls of these one time golden places of milk and honey. Refrain from this good for nothing propaganda. Freetown or Freetoneans Hardship/hard times has no boundaries. Let us all double our development efforts and forget this politics of blaming governments. A word for the wise – I think is quite sufficient.

    19th January 2011

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