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There is a Mende saying, “Numu bay wufe bu mua vaji ma”. Literally, this means, “One should not be ashamed of his/her bathing bucket”. This is so true.

Traders in Freetown are crying for the government to put mechanisms in place that will stir the price hiking menace in the country. In an exclusive interview with some

Sierra Leoneans especially business people have had discouragement over the uncontrolled increase of the price of basic commodities in the country. Findings by this press point up blatant that

Towards the end of May this year, President Ernest Bai Koroma responded feverishly to a 21-day ultimatum earlier initiated by the National Youth Coalition in collaboration with other

On the 27th of May this year, when the President, Ernest Bai Koroma announced the reduction in the price of fuel products by Le 500 from the earlier

A good leader always takes steps to meet the needs of his or her people. A good leader works hard to deliver on the needs of his or

“The costs of rice, oil and other commodities accelerate in an unmatched manner, hence the untold hardship on society. We see no hope at all.” Words as mentioned above

Recently, the government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Information and Communication announced that in the face of the astronomical increase in prices of essential

Prices of basic commodities continue to rise thereby raising a standing advantage in the country’s economic war front. The penury stricken masses continue to hold the belief that