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Of course, it is a laugh

Of course, it is a laugh

A reader whom I recognize as a staunch member or supporter of the SLPP called me on the day my article appeared on the defection of Professor Sahr M’bayo to the APC after aborting his flagship ambition. My caller could not understand what was funny about the matter, when the news should have been received with sadness or treated more seriously. Well, the news and the event itself were funny and deserved to be treated with contempt. Readers may recall the story in that article about World Laughter Day. I did write that I had never heard of nor met the Professor until the day he appeared before our selection committee. I have now been informed by some people that he was never the active party member that he has claimed to have been. Be that as it may, during our session with him the Professor boasted that if he was elected flag bearer of the SLPP he would wrench Kono district away from the grip and influence of the APC. This is the same boastful Professor who three days later has pitched camp with the Red party which he had criticized. Wouldn’t such unstable activities call forth loud and boisterous laughter?  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

What is amazing but not really surprising is the level at which the man has been embraced by the ruling party, that is at the highest level. It must be well known that Philip Neville of the Standard Times newspaper and I do not see eye to eye on almost every political matter, but he had a point when he asked in his column yesterday what influence Professor M’bayo had in his native district. The man was supposed to have left for abroad at the young age of 24. Incidentally the M’bayo name is well known in Kono, if not in the country. The family has produced very distinguished and patriotic individuals; one thinks immediately of late J E M’bayo a former Secretary to the Cabinet and later to the President, Eric, Aiah, Kai etc. The late J E was my mentor in the Bo school while their eldest brother Fatorma was a senior employee in the then SLST of Yengema. But this Professor, tell me another as I do not think that any SLPP member is going to lose any sleep over his departure.

J B Roy has taken me to task for referring to his past articles as bootlicking and trash. The weakness of any contribution by Roy Kajue and others is that they think and write as if no development took place in this country prior to 2007. So who does not appreciate what others are doing Roy? Well readers, the man is back and guess what! He immediately takes a swipe at Dr. Sama Banya; to him insulting the old man and directing sarcasms at him act as an aphrodisiac. I missed him and trust that he would hang around for a little longer this time round. His periodic disappearance would suggest that he goes to get a shot in the arm in order to reenergize him. Welcome dear Olu, your pal Puawui still does his one hour daily pre dawn exercises. They are invigorating and better than most other stimulants currently in use. Just give it a try with a simple early morning walk up to Sumalia town where a warm welcome will be awaiting you. A columnist has expressed concern over the appointment of a minister of state, (Mohamed champion Koroma) in the ministry of health when we have a deputy minister (the man from constituency 04) and a substantive minister of health (Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura) Read Puawui’s suggested reasons in the next edition. Have a nice weekend and stay blessed.

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