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It’s a laugh really

It’s a laugh really

I learnt from the SLBC radio that yesterday was “WORLD LAUGHTER or was it WORLD LAUGHING DAY.” The aim of the founder was that at least once in a year, if not always, people should laugh, let their hair down and be joyful. I have my own way of persuading people to light up when I detect worry and anxiety on their faces; sometimes I do not even know the individuals personally; at other times they may just be casual acquaintances. I simply say with a smile, “Smile, God loves you.” So far it has never failed to elicit a positive response no matter how serious the individual may be.  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

On the SLBC programme our doctor Edward Nahim was telling listeners some of the reasons why people laugh; some listeners also put in their own contributions. Puawui laughs for a variety of reasons; included are those occasions when I am told or when I read some unbelievable story. Yesterday was no exception. Someone had phoned to inform me that Professor Richard M’bayoh had declared for the ruling APC. My initial reaction was a spontaneous peel of laugher. Not that the news was altogether unexpected but when it did come I could not help but let forth. Mine was laughter of disbelief. The Professor was one of the many aspirants who had shown interest in leading the opposition SLPP in 2012. He was among the 23 who had paid their initial deposit of 10 million Leones. I met the Professor for the first time when I participated in the interview of aspiring flagbeares; he exuded an air of confidence which was accentuated by a strong American accent. His self-confidence apparently left him when his attention was called to the section in our Party constitution relating to residential qualification and the subject of dual nationality in the National constitution. He seemed deflated but managed a smile when we advised him to consult his Lawyers on the matter before proceeding further. That was the last I saw of him; I learnt last week that he was one of four aspirants who had not sent their names forward and now this. The man has joined the APC; who would not laugh at such a big joke? Mind you some people have warned that a few of even those remaining in the field and who have paid the full candidature fees may be APC backed infiltrators. As I go through the remaining 19 names I could only shake my head in disbelief. Be that as it may, we shall be ready for any quislings in our midst

Among its many functions a newspaper must inform, educate and be reliable as a source of any information. To achieve this, the editor(s) must be well informed and thoroughly knowledgeable. President Ernest Bai Koroma’s chief of staff Dr. Marrah apparently had a big welcome on a recent visit to Taiama in the Kori chiefdom of Moyamba district. Photographs confirm that. In one of them the group was led by the mask devil of the women’s Bondo society. That self- created source of everything unreliable in our political and cultural scene the African champion carries one such photograph with the caption, “WONDE SOCIETY HONOURS CHIEF OF STAFF.” Who else apart from the editor of that newspaper could be ignorant of the fact that Wonde society is an all-male affair and must never be confused with the Bondo society which is an all-female affair? Would that one of his own junior reporters would educate his boss on our culture. Ha, ha.

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