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Police Brutality… Woman Beaten To Coma

Police Brutality… Woman Beaten To Coma

A Police Superintendent Wednesday struck a woman to coma along Kissy Road Freetown.

Superintendent Max Kanu known as ‘POLICE ECOMOG’ brutally beat up Mammy Marie Bangura minutes after an argument between him and a Sierra Leonean who claimed to be a serving US Marine.

Our reporter, who was at the scene, uncovered fact showing how Superintendent Max Kanu approached a man he observed driving an unlicensed vehicle and ruthlessly manhandled him.

That the driver told Max Kanu that he was on his way to Road Transport to secure license for the vehicle.

“Officer, that driver is my son. He is from America on vacation. Please allow us rush to the road transport and have the vehicle license sir,” the mother said.

It was confirmed that Superintendent Max never listened to the explanation of the mother, instead ordered his police boys to mount the BMW car on the police crane for the police station.

This, according our reporter, irritated minds of onlookers and as a result began booing at Superintendent Max Kanu.

It took all to surprise Superintendent Max Kanu lend his heavy hand on the jaw of the defenseless ageable thus making her unconscious.

The scene catches fire as civilians almost meet head-on with Superintendent Max Kanu for his retched and strange action.

The US Soldier, our reporter said, took the car’s yellow and green copy inclusive all NRA payment.

That it was at this juncture that Superintendent Max Kanu shouted at the US Soldier, ordering him to ‘shut up’ and ‘get the car parked.’

The police big man was lavishing invectives at Mammy Marie Bangura and her Marine soldier.

“Get out madam. Allow me talk to your so called US Soldier son,” words used by Superintendent Max Kanu.

Eyewitness account reveals how the Superintendent violently slapped the mother on her jaw and she fell into coma.

The son approached the Superintendent and was asking why he had done such to his mother.

Again, Superintendent Max Kanu pushed him and gave him a slap also.

On lookers later rushed at the Superintendent and were accusing him of overusing police powers against innocent civilians.

In an interview with Superintendent Max Kanu he angrily told our reporter that people keep on castigate the police with all sorts of names.

He said he was not going to say anything to any Journalist as ‘journalists are useless liars.’

It could be recalled that Superintendent Max Kanu gets triple elevation during periods of Brima Acha’s leadership.

Sources say he is virtually uneducated and behaves irrationally.

Information reaching this press state how on many occasions Superintendent Max Kanu has been brutalizing defenseless civilians along streets of Freetown.

The matter is said to have been investigated while the BMW car is left in the hands of the police.

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  • im not supporting police violence but a car that is not license should not be on the road, he have right to stop and take from them. the soilder should known better not because he is from usa.

    25th December 2010

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