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Catch It Live… Afsatu Kabba’s ‘Set Up’ Plan

Catch It Live… Afsatu Kabba’s ‘Set Up’ Plan

Plotters, planners, and conspirators of Afsatu Kabba’s corruption ‘set up’ appear to be falling short of expectation.  (Photo: Haja Afsatu Kabba)

Revelations say Ministers, civil servants and a local journalist met at the residence of Lilian Lisk (one of Sierra Leone’s fish industrialists) to make up a letter of complaint written to President Koroma against the erstwhile Minister.

It could be recalled that the initiation of an investigation against Afsatu Kabba by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), first came up after Lilian Lisk’s submissions of letter of complaint alleging that on diverse dates, Afsatu unlawfully collected monies from her.

Upon ACC’s completion of investigation, Afsatu was hastily indicted with counts of charges and arraigned before the high court for trial.

Then later, it was shamefully discovered that ACC offered no evidence on five counts and asked that the remaining twelve counts ‘lay on file;’ ‘sinedie.’

To society, it was all a shock that the ACC which hastily put forward counts of charges against a whole Minister, shamelessly turned round to withdrawing same, weeks after President Koroma had already sacked Afsatu, using provisions as preserved in laws relating to public officials and criminal trials.

Could not such be attributed as a conspiracy to dent the image of one of Sierra Leone’s level headed politicians?

Little wonder though that Sierra Leoneans (Fish Mongers, market women and Diaspora people) queue to dish contributions into the trust fund of Afsatu.

It must be noted also that Afsatu’s trial attracted hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans, who had seen the allegation as doubtfully doubtful.

However that the removal of Afsatu as Minister of Fisheries came as a result of ACC’s fake 17 counts indictment; otherwise known as ‘lay on file.’

We catch it live… it was a make up, set up, ploy and a tactic to have the erstwhile Fisheries Minister removed from office.

A meeting, as understood, was said to have been held at the premises of Lilian Lisk.

It was in this meeting that the plot to submit a letter to the President telling him his Fisheries Minister had been soliciting monies from Lilian Lisk was agreed upon.

The meeting was believed to have had persons in government (she…), greedy private individuals including a journalist.

It is to our knowledge that the birth of Lilian’s letter to President Koroma came through efforts of core APC members.

Lilian’s secret meeting with state officials reached the ears of this press shortly after her requests for a meeting with another journalist she intended recruiting but failed.

Of course, the formation of an unwholesome cabal against one of APC’s most popular female politicians, Afsatu Kabba, we are told, was all about defaming and destroying her credibility in society.

The odds however starts revealed itself shortly after the release of cabinet list, identifying names of demoted and sacked Ministers- underperformers.

Of course, it is, but disappointing that the clock which was to move ‘clockwise’ is now moving anti clock wise; a signal that shrine and oracle Ministers will soon reach their ‘Waterloo.’

A look at President Koroma’s recent cabinet reshuffle, indicates the obvious that Ministers, whom instead of concentrating on doing their jobs well, eventfully pay attention on consulting shrines of oracles, keep clandestine meetings and looking out for ways to dimple colleague Ministers.

Survey has shown that Sierra Leoneans heartily embraced President Koroma’s reappointment of Kemoh and calls it a laudable vision.

No matter what they say, Kemoh has no criminal record, and has served Sierra Leone for reasonable number of years – as a Parliamentarian and as Minister of state.

Sierra Express Media uncompromisingly questioned reckless witch hunting conducts of bad and unpatriotic politicians.

But again, we say big thank you to President Koroma for weeding and demoting underperforming Ministers in his cabinet.

Stop so far, will say it all next issue.

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