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Big Lie… US Embassy Report Discredited!

Big Lie… US Embassy Report Discredited!

Intelligence reports from US Embassy cables disgracefully exposed the conduct of officials of the United States Embassy in Sierra Leone.

A critical study of contents in the rotten report posted through US secret cables, are, but a big lie, that Sierra Leone’s President and Sierra Leone government conspiratorially connived in not having Kemoh Sesay indicted for cocaine trafficking, as did to the others.

I have been urged to make a direct pointer at paragraphs in contents sent to United States home office, dated Wednesday, 06 August 2008, 16:49, and titled: Secret Freetown 000389 SIPDIS.

“His (Mohamed Sesay) contributions during the election, according to rumor, earned the ministerial position for Kemoh Sesay and the manager position of the national football team for himself. If the allegations are true, these positions were strategically selected and likely used to facilitate narcotics traffickers beyond this particular case,” paragraph 5 of report.

By the above quote, it makes dishonour, embarrassment, shaming and harms the reputation of officials of the US Embassy, who without proper findings wired incorrect information to its home office.

Are not the officials of the US Embassy pretty aware of the fact that President Koroma, in his bid to weed individuals overindulging into drugs business, hastily passed a bill reinforcing and strengthening laws concerning dangerous drugs?

It sounds odd that in the report it was doubtfully contemplated that President Koroma’s appointment of Kemoh Sesay as Transport and Aviation Minister came as a result of financial support given the APC by the former’s younger brother Mohamed Sesay.

No disrespect to US Embassy at all, but disrespect to whosoever may have supervised the writing and posting of such an contradicting and damning report to the US home office.

It must be noted however that it was during periods of the cocaine investigation that President Koroma uncompromisingly authorized the removal of Kemoh Sesay from office as Minister of Transport and Aviation, reinforcement of laws on drugs and the quick and transparent trial of all indicted by the police. No wonder citizens continue to blame African governments that encourage Embassies of countries representing European and American interests, but are agents that eavesdrop information negating conducts of countries in Africa.

The conduct of the cocaine investigation, as was observed, show glaring, who President Koroma is, and why praise him than saying lies against him as in the case of US Embassy Sierra Leone.

Of course, mouths of Sierra Leoneans went baffled after observing that in the secret US Embassy report it was stated that Kemoh Sesay was one time SLPP Parliamentarian- totally recklessly useless.

And it was all a surprise that a local tabloid conspiratorially corrected insinuations of inconsistency in report as filed by US Embassy against Sierra Leone’s most popular President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma – instead of Kemoh being an SLPP Honourable as originally mentioned in the report, it is corrected as saying ‘Kemoh is originally elected a Parliament in 1996 as a PDP party member, but switched alliances to the APC during the 2002 elections.’

While I hold my breath and not say anything in relation to alteration made by the unnamed local tabloid in report of US Embassy, I have been tempted to query the intelligence of Sierra Leoneans on issues of extreme national concern. Sierra Leone unlike countries in Africa, is proud to say it has proved to the world that it does not close eyes to issues of drug trafficking, but continually press on initiating measures that debar individuals taking part in drug trafficking.

The US Embassy report has been viewed by society as misleadingly and bears no truth to issues relating to President Koroma’s role in the investigation of the cocaine plane.

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  • Few inconsequential errors? The cables itself states that the source for some of its information was rumor. now you will expect a lot better from the country that portrays itself as the number 1 in the world. Remember the information contained in documents like these is what is used to make foreign policy decisions relating to various countries, so at least I expect they should ensure that its accurate in order for them to make informed decisions. No wonder the US foreign policy is so misguided.

    9th December 2010
  • Mr. Samura, let’s not be too quick to discredit the US embassy cables. This one cable, in spite of the few inconsequential errors, is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are an estimated 480 cables from the Freetown embassy yet to be released by Wikileaks.

    My cursory analysis of the nature and level of security attached to these 480 cables shows a heightening of US government interest in Sierra Leone with the coming to power of the APC government.

    For example, while in April 2006 only 4 cables were sent by the embassy, it is interesting to note that just in October, 2007 13 cables were reportedly issued by the Freetown embassy.

    In fact the severity of classification attached to these Freetown cables escalated to include several highly sensitive classified “Secret-no foreigners” cables issued in February, 2009.

    These cables, as shown in other countries, stands to provide political and personal profiles and assessments of some of our nation’s politicians and events that have shaped our country’s destiny. More importantly, it will show how the remaining super world power views our leaders and our nation’s political and socio-economic infrastructure.

    The situational assessments revealed in these cables will undoubtedly shed additional scholarship on how our political leadership operates and further ensures accountability in governance.

    Knowledge of some background information relative to events, such as revealed in cables from the US embassy in Morocco on the events leading to the removal from power of Captain Camara in Guinea are highly instructive.

    We should therefore withhold political and sometimes myopic self-interest motivated judgments for the national interest to prevail in such situations.

    Kortor Kamara

    9th December 2010

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