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A word of advice from a professor

A word of advice from a professor

In this life, no one can ever be a leader unless you first learn to follow and be led. I believe this is an advice to all leaders, especially those serving in politics or other organizations. Why do we need leaders any way in politics, businesses, religious organizations, social organizations, and so on? The answer to this question is we are now living in a world of change and the natural reaction of all human beings, in all situations of change is to become very anxious. And when we are anxious, we look for a person who can become our guidance and redeemer to contain our anxiety. When the process of change and anxiety invades an organization, the leaders have to effectively work for that change. If leaders are not effective in working towards the change, then various dysfunctional processes may come to the fore, which ultimately will lead in some cases, to organizational demise and self destruction.  (Photo: Prof. S. Michael Dillo Sesay)

As the APC Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter continues to experience the rapid metamorphosis of the way we do politics, the question arises as to who is ready to sail on this boat of change that has left the shores and heading towards the horizon of success. We are witnessing for the first time change in our chapter’s political history the ascension to the presidency of the chapter of the first elected female leader who is surrounded by strong, dynamic, and energetic men and women of substance. These fine and decent men and women, including the youths are the embodiment of our true commitment, dedication and ardent belief in the empowerment of women to take positions and take part in decision making that impact society.

For the very first time, we are witnessing this process of change in a political establishment, where the forces of resistance do not believe or could not accept the reality that change has come to the Washington Metropolitan chapter. This is the first time I have witnessed a mass upsurge in the activities of the APC not only in the metropolitan area, but all around our membership in North America. I have witnessed within this short time when a new dispensation in the Washington Metropolitan Chapter has changed the dynamics of political involvement of many people who were just recently not interested in the politics of the chapter. I have again witnessed the total financial commitment of members, even at a time when all of us are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the economic situation affecting the world. The youths who are the future leaders of tomorrow have also joined this new dispensation, strongly advocating to other youths to be engaged in the politics of the chapter. With all these irreversible changes going on, why should the cynics and detractors not simply accept the fact that change has come to stay in the Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter?

Therefore, to a simple and humble man like me, I wonder why some people are still continuing to harbor a reprehensive or guilt notion that the change taking place for which the people craved for was in their favor. I am not surprised when such is happening in our society. It is really hard for anyone who is not change oriented to accept the realities of life and be an effective leader. This contemporary world does not give us the luxury of choice between stasis and change. Change is here to stay.

I want you to think for a moment about the differences in lifestyle between you and your grandparents. In just two generations, we have gone from horse and buggy to space shuttle. One issue of News Week Magazine contains more information than a person in the Middle Ages would have been exposed to in a lifetime. Neurosurgeons are now very becoming very troubled over the question, “How much information can the human brain process? Can a mind that was programmed for Stone Age tasks such as hunting and gathering function well in our ‘cyber age’? How can you handle the stress of spending Monday in Tokyo, Wednesday in Singapore, and Friday in New York?

Leaders should accept the indubitable fact that change is here to stay. There is an ongoing major paradigm shift in all aspects of the membership that is affecting the modus operandi of many organizations which include the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter. This shift came about in response to changes taking place in society and the way we do have been doing business. It is no longer business as usual. This changes are as a result of the our heeding to the clarion call of our indomitable leader and President His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as enshrined in his ‘Agenda for Change’ sweeping all over  Sierra Leone and the Diaspora. Our President has made us become proud citizens of Sierra Leone as our country takes the enviable position as a beacon of hope and prosperity. We are witnessing positive change in our country and that change has come to stay with or without the approval of the opposition, cynics, and detractors.

If you are one of those leaders who is still resisting change, I am sorry to say that hat you are riding on a dead horse.  As stated by an old Sioux Indian saying ‘When you discover you are riding on a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount”. Yes, the ultimate choice is to dismount that dead horse and join forces with the positive team that will be inaugurated on December 4, 2010 at the Hampton Conference Center, Capitol Heights, Maryland. All roads will lead to Maryland to witness this historic and memorable day, when Mrs. Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Koroma and the Executive will be handed over the mantle of leadership of this great chapter of our APC party.

Change has come and it is here to stay!

Prof. S. Michael Dillo Sesay, Specialist in Global Leadership, Geopolitics, Corporate Governance

Secretary General – Elect, APC Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter

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