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Nanette Thomas speaks loud and clear about unity

Nanette Thomas speaks loud and clear about unity

Dallas, Texas, December 6, 2010 – Nanette Thomas always uses it as an opportunity to inspire the Sierra Leone community in Texas when she is allowed to speak in a gathering.  This time, it was a Christmas dance held on Saturday, December 4, at the Gina Hall in Dallas.  Once more another favorable time, the President of the popular All People’s Congress Dallas Chapter Nanette Thomas, spoke loud and clear about the essence of unity in the Diaspora.  She reiterated the analysis that can help Sierra Leoneans living in the Diaspora to achieve a more integrated self view that would allow them to enjoy success and fulfillment in both their personal interest and the interest of their country of origin.  (Photo: Solomon Pieh and Nanette Thomas showing unity on the dance floor)

Nanette Thomas spoke about her experience and the new awakening that President Koroma has brought to Sierra Leone  in the directions of our  of good governance and the agenda for change.  She stressed that it is her belief that the President’s Agenda for Change should be used for us in the Diaspora to match that awakening for a prosperous stay in our different destinations. She said, even if individual Sierra Leoneans strive for his/her own definition, whether be it by tribe or by political ailment, we should maintain one denomination, as she put it, “Sierra Leone.”  We must realize that we have entered a new connected world, especially in a great country like the United States, where democracy prevails; we should always try to integrate ourselves into a cohesive whole,” Ms Thomas said.

Nanette Thomas, APC Dallas Chapter President speaks loud and clear on unity

As the leader of the APC Dallas Chapter, Ms. Thomas endeavored to present a brief political development and the role each government had played when in power in our country.  She commended the incumbent President, Ernest Bai Koroma and his administration in the All People’s Congress (APC) party for their tremendous progress in fostering development projects in our country.  She said that, President Koroma explored his intellectual curiosity to put our country into the sport light for worldwide business again.  After outlining some of the achievements the ruling political party had made, she also presented the “Sierra Leone Turn Around” book to her audience and urged every Sierra Leonean to read it for better understanding of the progress being made by the present administration.  The video of the three year turnaround was played throughout the dance.

Group photo

Nanette Thomas continued her keynote speech by announcing our country’s birth anniversary, the 50th anniversary, which is due on April, 2011. She urged every Sierra Leonean to be part of the program and if they have any comments or concern they can call the Embassy in Washington.   By then, Sierra Leone would be among the African Nations that have turned 50, since birth by the British colonial rule.

The “Christmas Dance”, was full of people from all works of life, including members from the Opposition Party (SLPP).  Several Executive members of the APC Houston Chapter including the Vice President showed up to the dance to patronize the parent chapter.  The two chapters used to be amalgamated in the previous years, but, because of an increase in their membership, and in a big city like Houston, Texas, “We are yet entitle to another chapter”, one of the members said.

It was amazing that one of the strongest oppositions to the APC, the regional Organizing Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, (SLPP/NA) Mr. Solomon Sengbeh Pieh was allowed to speak on the occasion. Despite the fact that he spoke very briefly, his statement connotes a general value of the keynote speakers’ topic of unity. Solomon Pieh and Nanette Thomas jumped onto the stage and danced gloriously to harmonize unity among us in Texas.

As a tradition, the show was opened with both the Sierra Leone and the United States’ national Anthems were played in the public address system, and sang together with the astounding crowd in the hall. Muslim prayers were lead by Amadu Jalloh, followed by Christian prayers by Finda Koroma.  The Houston Chapter’s inauguration, to be held on February 19, 2011 was later announced by the Vice President of the Houston Chapter Mr. Alusine Conteh

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondent

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  • We the People of Sierra Leone like Celebrations from Birth to Death you name it. But as a Citizen of Sierra Leone I must truly ask what are we Celebrating on April 27, 2011? A 50 years of What, What–?.I want to know.

    7th December 2010

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