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Aftermath of war… covert attacks and reprisals

Aftermath of war… covert attacks and reprisals

Sierra Leone’s unforgettable war ended eight/nine years ago, but repeated ruthless conducts of former combatants continues unabated.

Reflection is drawn to incidences of attacks on the family of one of Sierra Leone’s former warlords (now Special Court convict), Ibrahim Bazzy Kamara (in photo), by ex-fighters, who, according to findings, alleged that the forenamed commander has something for them.

Of course, reports of uncountable attacks on the family resident of the wife of Bazzy Kamara, is said to have been happening almost every month or two.

It has reached desks of this press that the mother of the wife of Bazzy Kamara, has had restless days owing to repeated embarrassments meted her by individuals claiming to be former combatants.

Facts gathered disclosed how the unknown attackers claimed being members of Bazzy Kamara’s battalion.

That during periods of war, Bazzy Kamara, collected from them valuables for safe keeping; and so wanted it back.

Yes, it is a phenomenon that Sierra Leonean rebels used to mine diamonds emblemmed as ‘blood diamonds.’  And that the diamonds were exchanged for arms by the rebels themselves.

This, to the international community, was the true reason for the prolonged and cunning behaviours of warlord Foday Sankoh down playing of Sierra Leone’s disbarment process.

The United Nations have had the opportunity to skillfully disarm combatants and then later incorporated them into society; giving them everlasting skills.

To the UN, it was envisaged that combatants, after acquiring the skills, will go into the society and make for their living and not engage in things that demeans their credibility.

It was told to this press that the wife and mother of Ibrahim Bazzy have had their way to unknown destinations due to fear for their lives.

Recently, it was reported that another set of attackers dashed at the resident of the family of Bazzy Kamara to wreck havoc, but regrettably pulled out after observing that the wife and mother are at large.

Eyewitnesses account say the perpetrators angrily promised to get rid of Bazzy Kamara’s wife.

The wife’s whereabouts, we are told, is unknown and cannot be traced.

Sources say she disappeared due to persistent threats from groups of individuals claiming to be ex-fighters /undermen of her husband Ibrahim Bazzy.

Anifa Kamara, in 2005, alongside four others, was indicted for contempt by the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Contents as read in the indictment, articulates Anifa Kamara’s alleged disclosure of names of protected witnesses testifying against her husband Bazzy Kamara.

It could be recalled that Bazzy Kamara was one time minister in the Armed Forces Revolutionary Movement regime (AFRC), and was frontline commander in the January 6th attack of Freetown by soldiers of the AFRC/SLAs movement.

He was afterwards arrested alongside Issa Sesay, Morris Kallon, Tamba Brima and others for crimes against humanity.

Ibrahim Bazzy, who now serves sentence in Rwanda, has had his family put under serious threats by colleague fighters.

Sources say Bazzy Kamara is unwell about information concerning his wife and family.

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  • Some of You Sierra Leonean Journalists must stop these lies. There has been no threat from any body on the wife and mother of Ibrahim Bazzy Kamara. Anifa had through the help of a brother flown to Europe and is now seeking proof for her to ask for Asylum. We see her here every day and we will wait for her to make her moves before we jump in to tell the authorities. Once that is done you will have made this paper looses it credibility. She is lying and do not help her lei to authorities.

    1st December 2010

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