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Umaru Dumbuya Excelled Campaign in Texas

Umaru Dumbuya Excelled Campaign in Texas

Dallas, Texas, November 22, 2010 – Another instance, another political event in Texas – this time giving audience to Mr. Umaru Dumbuya, a serious contender for the Sierra Leone People’s Party nomination come 2012 Presidential election. In a frantic effort to rally support from Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora, Umaru Dumbuya, unveiled his manifesto to the Sierra Leone community in Texas on Saturday, November 19th, at the Marylyn Banquet hall in Dallas.  (Photo: Umaru and his wife posing for the Sierra Leone and American national anthems)

As he spoke to the audience from different ethnic and political complexions, Mr. Dumbuya craftfully succeeded in stimulating a debate in the minds of the Diasporas about things that matter for the socio-economic development in Sierra Leone.

Umaru Dumbuya speaking on stage

Mr. Dumbuya enumerated the essence of empowerment and capacity building for youths and women. He fiercely maintained that the areas of youths and women will be some of his priorities in order to alleviate poverty. Poverty has plagued our nation for so long that he pledged to see it go if he is elected to President of Sierra Leone come 2012. He reiterated that youth empowerment is a gateway to national integration, civic engagement, democracy building and reduced corruption.  “The government is not a job creation organ”, he said, “but has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for investors who are willing to invest in the country”.

Umaru Dumbuya and Alhaju Salieu Bah Imam of WAMAT

Reverend Coomba praying for the aspirant

Like all other aspirants who touched base with Sierra Leoneans in Texas, encouraging Diasporans to invest in Sierra Leone was also a focal point of Mr. Dumbuya’s plans to move the nation forward.  He believes that Sierra Leoneans living abroad, more so in the western world, have the potentials to rule and change the status-quo – a status quo that has stagnated the economic development of Sierra Leone.  He called on Sierra Leoneans to begin to plan to go back home and invest in order to foster businesses, job creation, and innovations of all sorts.

Umaru Dumbuya and Henry Gegbe (SLPPNA strong man)

“Too many promises made by various politicians were broken because they did not seek the interest of their people”, opined Mr. Dumbuya. “They failed to put their country first”, Mr. Dumbuya went on. His party slogan, “one people, one country; One country, One people” is what he promised to re-enforce in his legislation should he win the 2012 presidential election.

Fatmata Barrie and Patrick Dangawalli - MCs

Fatmata Barrie and Patrick Dangawalli - MCs

Mr. Dumbuya outlined significant areas in Sierra Leone that deserves urgent attention. Taxation and insurance policies which the previous aspirants never spoke about as major issues in need of reform were commented upon.  He cited auto insurance to be a useful tool in risk management. He also explained his proposal with regards to local economic development projects, particularly speeding up the implementation of small scale industries, farming and all other forms of agriculture which will generate job opportunities for the youths.

He also talked on the rule of law which he defined as an equal treatment for every citizen under the law. Should he win in 2012, he maintained that citizen’s protection and accessibility to fair and swift justice will be an integral part of his government. The flag bearer also deliberated on changes he deemed necessary within the legislative system. The ministerial structure needs to be reformed by reducing the amount of ministries and ministers to give more opportunities to the common man. My approach for restructuring will be a formal structure based on a top-down approach.

Umaru Dumbuya and his wife dancing

Mr. Dumbuya was very tactful in commenting on the Ernest Koroma presidency but at the same time had some praises. Although he commended President Ernest Koroma for certain development projects his administration has undertaken yet he did not fall short of saying that President Koroma does not do much to hold people accountable in terms of corruption. Like Andrew Keili, Mr. Dumbuya also stressed on “implementation” of policies. The government has the mandate to strengthen performance and accountability, but if the APC government fails do so, Sierra Leone needs change, he concluded.

He underscored his position in the race saying that he is running to represent the people of Sierra Leone irrespective of their political party’s affiliations; He promised to have an inclusive government.  He also ascertained that despite the growing conflicts people might envisaged within his party, he is committed to bring together the SLPP under one umbrella.

As usual, the symposium ended with some light refreshments and music and once again, Texas rides high in the eyes of political aspirants for the 2012 march to the State House in Freetown.

by Christian Sesay & Sanpha Sesay

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