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They are all the same breed

They are all the same breed

Regular readers of this column never fail to tell me how much they enjoy my writings, generally giving two main reasons for their interest. Firstly they appreciate the style, especially as most of the articles are preceded by a back ground introduction and secondly but more importantly that their contents are factual. They are never made up stories as some of my critics tend to do in their vain efforts to discredit me. Such critics have a common trait and that is to refer to my age like one Abu Mankuta writing in the African Champion newspaper of Tuesday October 19. The question is what has my age to do with my presentation?  (Photo:  Dr. Sama Banya)

Do I go all over the place in order to make a case, or is it that as earlier stated everything is based on experience and fact? I will also state that in many of my essays I have been among the many witnesses to the events. I challenge my critics to state with justification that what Puawui has written is false, or an exaggeration or even a quotation out of context.” But it is never any of these; it is simply that I, unlike such critics my opinions are often critical of the current government. Otherwise they would be describing me as a hero rather than a villain. I would have been making positive headlines as being among prominent and leading opposition figures who have declared their support for the policies of President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC. Hardly a week or month passes without “some prominent citizen and former SLPP opposition member or prominent PMDC big fish” being reported as joining the APC.

I have a lot of sympathy for another young man who also allegedly wrote from Washington a couple of days earlier. He not only criticized me but then went ahead and exposed himself to ridicule by stating that the previous SLPP government was tribalistic, nepotic and corrupt. That it was biased in favour of people from the southeast although he didn’t go as far as my friend Paul Kamara who constantly refers to the Mende bias of the SLPP. Interestingly these ridiculous statements are written irrespective of the facts and figures that accompany our articles and which make factual comparisons of then and now. For yet one more time, I would invite those younger people who claim not to be senile like Dr. Sama Banya to publish the list of cabinet positions, the membership, chairmanship and membership of parastatals under this regime as compared with the situation under the previous SLPP government.

As to the constant misinformation that the SLPP is a south and eastern based organization, I would again call the attention of those morally bankrupt critics to take a look at the 23 men and women who are vying to lead the party for the 2012 Presidential race. Will our critics have the grace and the courage to make a factual comparison with the APC?

Is it not amazing that people who live in the United States and Europe and who one hopes have benefited from exposure to the environment of their host countries to be making some really outrageous statements that not even people in the Kailahun court barry would make?

The Rev Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, the Ojuku Seseys, Betty Forays, Sorie Sedan Seseys and others have been rewarded for their blind propaganda support of the APC. The One Drop Sankohs, Kurugba Kargbos, the Sheik Seseys and many others whom one regularly reads are trying their darnest to demonstrate their loyalty and support. Unfortunately for them there does not appear to be room for more press secretary appointments, but one never knows with the APC. Will these people do us a favour by getting the office for the Diasporas to publish the much demanded list of those they have employed since the office was established? That may justify their frequent claim that this government is serious about embracing all and uniting the country. In the midst of this a visiting German MP comments on the youth unemployment situation in the country. Thank goodness he is neither John Ben nor J J Siaffa.

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  • What wrong if the young ones clamour for jobs as you put it . You hyprocrite . This is same childish politics that have being going around from this so called grand old party. So are we expecting pa who, to sabotage the APC party and nobody to counter his claims . As for you mr supporter i wonder if you are really supporting and following . So it will not surprised me to hear that you condone pa who tatics of campaigning . Or is it the water melon support as usual.

    20th October 2010
  • Hi Dr Banya,
    As an adent supporter of the new APC, i must confess that your postings have been very thorough and educative. I have always challenged my party members to go for the facts and tell our ministers and other functionaries that they should own up as they owe us and the nation alot.We have to copy from our PRO Brima M. Turay of USA who would always check mate the odds of our party.It is like some of our party functionaries are under estimating the level of the enlightenment of sierra leonean’s of today.I will encourage you to continue criticising us objectively devoid of any malice.To the younger one’s and those who are clamouring for jobs, i will say just ignore them as they are suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorder” caused by the reckless minig we encourage in our country which releases alot of heavy metals including Chromium and Cadmium.
    Joseph P.R. China

    19th October 2010
  • I wonder why you didn’t say anything about the people who comment and question some of your facts and public service record. Another case of your convenient amnesia? HaHa.

    19th October 2010

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