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Karefa Smart… The President that never was

Karefa Smart… The President that never was

Hatred, as defined in the good books, dominates the conduct of politicians, especially those found in the continent of hell Africa. (Photo: the late Dr. John Albert Musselman Karefa-Smart)

In retrospect, a politician referred to as Karifa Smart, died and buried a few days ago, suffers the grunt of what the truest of African politics is; was made to smell power but never caught at it.

Born in 1915, he was one of Sierra Leone’s finest medical doctors.   As a politician, he was deputy to Sir Milton Margai and was also his doctor.

Confident of becoming the next Prime Minister, Karifa Smart was made restless after it became clear that his boss, Prime Minister Sir Milton, was dead and he was to succeed him.

Yes! After a rebuke by the then Governor General to Karifa Smart; personally informing him to prepare for his swearing ceremony at 4 pm of 1964, things went woe when it was made public that Albert Margai was sworn into office by the Governor General hours to 4 pm of the same day.

Old people, books and archives of government record the revelation. Sierra Express Media now says in brief.

Poor Karifa Smart was left with no option but take up appointment with WHO where he worked until the moment of Siaka Stevens and the advent of the All People Congress Party.

Again, Karifa Smart was lured by Siaka Stevens to join him in his campaign for Presidency; promising he was going to make him Vice President should he win.

The two became one and uncompromisingly brought to wreckage, a party in governance-SLPP.

Of course, Karifa again suffered another pain, this time, it was military intervention.

Siaka Stevens who was almost to be sworn narrowly escaped death in the hands of ferocious military men, and went his way to neighbouring Guinea.

A year later 1968, coupists lead by Brigadier Bangura, took over governance. Siaka Stevens was therefore called upon and made to take over the mantle of power.

He never remembered appointing his colleague Karifa as Vice President; instead, he ordered the latter’s arrest and gave him option: “you either go in exile or will kill you.”

‘The President that never was,’ took his final rest few days ago.

The Karifa Smart, we knew, is now answering questions from the creator and maker of planet earth.

Before his death and after years of exile, Karifa Smart, in 1996, made his home come to run for Presidency but failed by narrow margin.

The result, as was rumoured, was doctored in favour of Ex-President Kabbah.

Hopeless and disappointed Karifa Smart again took exit to the overseas and gave up his profession as politician.

After frequents home come visits, he was finally flown to his homeland – Sierra Leone where he later died.

The President that never was has gone to the next world to meet colleague politicians he used to move on with.

Although persons of this world don’t have supernatural powers to soothsaying events in the next world, it has been presupposed that Karifa Smart intends complaining all those that prevented him becoming President to Master Jesus and Pa Pa God!

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