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Enemies of progress and destabilization in APC Washington, DC Metropolitan Chapter Written by Joseph

Enemies of progress and destabilization in APC Washington, DC Metropolitan Chapter Written by Joseph

It is good in every democratic and pluralistic society to have voices of dissent when things are perceived to go wrong especially when it is not in one’s favor.  Sometimes we are aggrieved when our expectations are not met or our selfish agendas are not fulfilled.  Our egos and selfish aggrandizement’s make us to destroy our very being and leads to a pathetic situation where regrets and lamentations becomes our last resort. (Photo: Joseph Sherman, author)

Arolyn Koroma a self-self writer not groomed in journalism and was absent in the September 12, 2010 elections would sow a seed of discord by writing a statement saying “Due to some voting irregularities 47 ballots were subtracted from Abdul Bero Kamara thus leaving him with 126 ballots.” I am not surprised because he served as a quasi public relation officer in the outgoing APC Washington, DC Metropolitan chapter where his only survival is to boot lick and arrogantly subdue his esteem to the whims and caprices of his masters.

To better educate Arolyn Koroma et al, the APC doesn’t need division and schemers because it will destroy the goal and aspirations of the party and the efforts of President Koroma to fulfill his dream for Sierra Leone.  We don’t want to be like the opposition SLPP where dissension, confusion and selfishness prevail; rather we want to be a united, formidable and progressive party.  It is one thing to support the APC party but to surreptitiously create an atmosphere of chaos and confusion to destroy a chapter that is ready to work with His Excellency is something you have to contend with.

APC doesn’t need confusionists and anarchists but people with vision and foresightedness.  Your formal role as a PRO of the APC Washington Metropolitan chapter has expired,  so is better to advise your camp who were seeking votes on a tribal basis to concede and accept the victory of the first woman to lead the largest APC chapter in North America.  Chauvinism, apathy and selfishness are destroying the very fabric that has left Sierra Leone to be what it is for nearly 50 years since independence.

Arolyn, to further educate you on what leadership entails in this 21st century, my early beliefs of leadership were provincial. I was convinced that a leader was born and not bred. In my view, no one could teach a true leader how to become a leader. It was basically, either you got it or you don’t. Conversely, now I am more open to other views. I still believe that a leader must have certain characteristics. Again, these characteristics cannot be learned. Yet, they can be refined or polished. A leader must be confident. If one does not believe in oneself then who will? They must be willing to accept a challenge. A leader should also be resourceful. No person has all the answers but a leader must be able to direct followers on the right path to finding the correct answer. Again, optimism is a key tool. It is often said that if you believe it, you can achieve it.

Finally, Brother Arolyn Koroma don’t be a satanic instrument to sow seed of discord and disunity in the APC party for selfish and dictatorial personalities that are working for their own secret agenda to promote themselves and later dump you when they achieve their goals but be a man of substance and of noble character so that your children will emulate your good examples.

Long Live APC, Long Live Sierra Leone,  Osai , Owai

J Sherman, Washington, DC

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  • What a despicable article! Sherman, who made you the “politically righteous” dude for the APC? I worked in one of the top newsroom in America for almost a decade and I can assure you this article would be classified as “tabloid” journalism at best; unfit for the pages of real news. Before you school anyone on what a “professional” journalist is, please take some time to understand what “Journalism” is all about and enhance your skills accordingly.

    Imagine for one, a total stranger reading this piece and concluding that this is typical of “professional” journalist from Sierra Leone. What a bad representation to say the least.

    14th September 2010

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