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APC North America has inaugurated the first woman president of its Washington, DC metropolitan chapter, Mrs. Yabom Thalsim Sesay-Koroma, in a ceremony full of pomp, pageantry and class

The APC Washington DC Chapter is delighted to announce the inauguration ceremony of Mrs. Yabom  Sesay Koroma, President of APC Washington DC Chapter and her Executive, Mr. Aziz

It is good in every democratic and pluralistic society to have voices of dissent when things are perceived to go wrong especially when it is not in one’s

The Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter’s Presidential Election between Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), and Yabom Sesay, held on Sunday September 12, 2020 is not over until it is over

Without a doubt, the indomitable, soft spoken, humble and open hearted Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Korom (in photo) has won the presidency of the largest APC chapter of the APC