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Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Koroma for APC Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Koroma for APC Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Indeed the time has come within APC Washington, DC Metropolitan chapter to display leadership qualities in North America that will ultimately bring unity; love and success for the APC party come 2012 elections.  I am saying this because the September 12  APC elections which without a doubt will usher in Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Koroma as President, Alhaji Dumbuya as Vice President  and Professor Michael Sam Dillo Sesay Secretary General brings a corps of astute and formidable officials that will make a huge difference in the history of APC  Washington, DC Metropolitan Chapter.

Yabom Thaslim Sesay-Koroma the acclaimed and renowned professional woman who wants to make a difference is a woman of substance who stands for transparency, democratic principles, accountability and a unifier and has vowed to make a difference when she assumes the leadership position of the APC Metropolitan chapter in North America.

To give a brief synopsis of what women in leadership can do in this present political arena, women today arguably have more opportunities for greatness than ever before; they bring to life their girlhood dreams. They can overcome barriers of sexism, racism, economic and social oppression, and the demons of childhood abuse and family dysfunction.  While opportunities and inspirations have multiplied, so have the weights of responsibility, the pressures of others expectations, and the temptations of mediocrity. Like wildflowers straining to press through the cracks in a crumbling sidewalk, women strive to bloom within the confinements of this jumbled and segmented stretch of concrete called Life. Yes, numerous freedoms have brought numerous opportunities for many women. Still many barriers threaten a woman’s ability to answer the call of greatness upon her life.

“If you are no longer content with the misguided attempts to be every woman but yourself, Yabom says that your time has come.

If you are no longer satisfied to compare yourself to the shortsighted expectations of others around you, Yabom says that the time has come.

If you are no longer fulfilled by the remnants of your dreams being shoved to the back closet of your heart, then Yabom says that the time has come.

The time has come for you to step out of the shadows of your life and into the spotlight. Every woman has a potential to be a leader, to move beyond the edges of the stage where they have watched life’s drama unfold before them, and to stride onto center stage and fulfill the role of their lifetime. Make no mistake, becoming a leader does not require playacting or pretending to be something you are not. On the contrary, becoming a true leader requires stripping away all the other roles and bit parts you may have settled for and acted out before,” Yabom asserted.

When questioned about her leadership qualities, Yabom says, “Everyone leads differently.  A woman leads differently from a man. A woman tends to break the mold when it comes to traditional leadership. Men are often characterized as transactional leaders. Women would be considered transformational leaders. Women use their innate characteristics such as charisma to influence. They are no stranger to hard work and are proud when it comes to their achievements. Women’s exceptional method of leadership can be considered as interactive leadership. This means they seek the input of their team members.  Interactive leadership is a method that is more often than not used by women. This, again, refers to effort and input form all parties in the relationship.

By showing interest in the other person’s concern this increases the bond between the two parties. It also increases the confidence of the constituents. Thus, this partnership benefits the group. The followers are more apt to work harder under these conditions.   Again, participation is another key tool that women use in the leadership field. Women use participation and open discussions to increase input. When people know that their input is appreciated their work tends to reach new heights. This prevents one particular person from feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities,” Yabom concluded.

Yabom was born in Bumbuna in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. She attended the Roman Catholic Primary School, in Bumbuna and the Government Secondary School for Girls, Magburaka. After the completion of her High School education, she proceeded to the Magburaka Secondary School for Boys to pursue her sixth form studies. She taught at the Services Secondary School in Freetown from 1979-1980 after passing her GCE Advance Level Examination. She was then awarded a scholarship to study at the Odessa Institute of National Economy in the former Soviet Union, where she graduated with a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Finance and Credit in 1986. Answering to the call for national  duty, she returned home in 1988 and was gainfully employed as an Assistant Manager in the Management Account Office at the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board (S L P M B) from 1988-1992.

She immigrated to the United States of America in 1993 and entered into the nursing field career. The genesis of her career change was humbling, as she started from the grass root level as a Nursing Assistant, walked through the stages until she graduated with a Master of Science degree specialized as an Advanced Nurse Clinician.

In her appeal to her supporters Yabom said  “if given this opportunity and be elected President of the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter, I will work towards bringing peace, unity and progress for the benefit of all members of the chapter and for the good of our party and the people of Sierra Leone.

In addition to the above, I will use my gregarious personality to involve everyone in networking for the Chapter and as a result bring more members to our chapter. It is my hope and desire to ensure that transparency, effective communication and accountability become the parameters in running the affairs of the chapter. I am determined to bring dynamism into the chapter by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, fundraising and health promotions which will ultimately benefit our chapter and the people in Sierra Leone” she asserted.

Yabom is calling on all democratic minded members of the APC Washington, DC Metropolitan to come out in full and vote for transparency, unity, accountability and success for the ensuing 2012 elections.  “I believe we can do it by employing measures to accomplish our desired goal. Let us renew and rekindle our determination, our courage and our strength to move the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter to the next level. It is time for us to realize that we are too great a chapter to limit ourselves to self -destruction. Instead, we should come together and do great things for our chapter and our country, “she concluded.

Written by Joseph S. Sherman

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