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How the mighty are fallen!

How the mighty are fallen!

In the “Supplement to the New Method Reader, Standard 111” which I read in that class in 1941 in the Bo School, it read, “The beauty of Israel is slain on the high places. How are the mighty fallen! Tell it not in Gath; tell it not in the streets of Ashkelon, lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice,” and then teacher S W Simbo added, “Lest the daughters of the uncircumcised rejoice.”  I had not yet converted to Christianity and again teacher Simbo who added the last sentence gave the background to the story as told in the Bible. It was part of David’s lamentations over the deaths of his friend and brother Jonathan with his father King Saul. I weep for you my brother Jonathan. It is amazing that I have retained the sentence in my memory to this day. I may add that so do I retain many of the opening introductions and other interesting passages in many of the books that I read in the Primary section of the Bo school the early forties. (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

I first had it as a flash, and almost dismissed it as one of the several rumours and speculations that one had heard about the erstwhile Inspector-General, Brima Acha Kamara in the past. Then it was repeated by a highly placed individual who doesn’t repeat gossip. Yes it was true that Brima Archa Kamara the Inspector-General of Plocice who was appointed to the position by former President Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah was taking a permanent rest from the leadership of our police force which has come under a lot of bashing in the last two years from members of the public, especially sections of the press. I received the news with mixed feelings and a few questions to which answers may not be immediately available have kept crossing my mind. That Acha’s retirement, or DISMISAL was sudden is not surprising because it is the way the new administration does things. Acha may be lucky if he didn’t hear the news for the first time over public radio. That he is succeeded by AIG Francis Munu is certainly NOT surprising although it raises interesting questions, but those will come later.

The name was Thomas Wolsey, English statesman and Archbishop of York in England. He was born about 1475. He gained rapid promotion when Henry V111 ascended to the throne. He dominated the young king’s Foreign and domestic policies. He negotiated peace with France and the marriage between Henry’s sister and Louis XV1. But on the ascension of the Emperor Charles V Wolsey aligned himself with the Emperor against France. His policy ruined the royal finances. Then his failure to secure the Pope’s approval for Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon (King Henry V111 married FIVE wives) led to his arrest for treason. He died on the way to stand trial and these were his lamentations:- “Had I but served my God with half the zeal that I served my king He would not in mine age have left me naked to my enemies.” I wonder if my former teacher in Bo school Mr. CRA Cole also known as ‘I’ll batter you’ if he reads this would remember that he taught me that portion of history in Form 1V in 1947.

I also wonder what may be going on Brima Acha’s mind since that fateful announcement yesterday. I never like to gloat over other people’s misfortunes but perhaps the former IG would recall that it was the SLPP of Alhaji Tejan-Kabbah who appointed him as inspector-General of Police. He may also recall that although there were other formidable claimants to the position we chose him because we were convinced that he was the best among equals. And like Christiana Thorpe we at no time directed or persuaded him to do anything that he thought wrong. But Acha’s behavior to the SLPP is a whole history book. The most unacceptable statement was when he told the interviewer on the BBC Focus on Africa programme after the attack on our offices on September 17, 2007 was not by APC hoodlums but by our supporters because we had not paid them for their past services. His handling of other attacks and even on us as individuals, especially the rape of our women in broad light left much to be desired. Other people in society as well as his junior colleagues may have their own tales to tell.

The big question remains why he went so suddenly, most probably unwept and unsung.  There is no doubt it will all come into the limelight. One thing is certain and that is that we in the SLPP will not weep for him. In the meantime, we welcome Francis Munu and welcome Richard Moigbeh. MORE ANON

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